Happy Holidays Everyone! – Santa brought me a Nook!

I just wanted to take a quick moment and wish you all Happy Holidays and the best for each of you in 2011. I have been so busy with the family events and Christmas prep that I have not posted in a few weeks, but I promise it shall pick up now that there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

On a side note, I got a NOOK for Christmas.  Does anyone else have one?  Like it?  Hate it?  Have any tips or tricks?


About Rebecca Hart

Im a single parent of three and a published author of romance in all sorts of sub-genres. A full time IT geek, Managing Editor of Roane Publishing, cover artist and a reformed gaming addict -- I live to write fantasy peppered with a dash of romantic nonsense :P Addicted to all things pirates, penguins, Johnny Depp and rum. Follow me on Twitter: @Rebelhart69

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  1. I got one! A NOOK that is … and I'm still undecided. I like that I can have all kinds of books in one thing, to carry in my purse. But I miss the feel of a real book, the pages, the heft, the way you can tell if you're almost to the end. However, I find it's just as easy to read from the NOOK screen (I have the B/W version) as a page in a book – nothing like a computer screen. That's a plus! Umm, no tips/tricks … yet. I'll come back and share if I find them, heh heh. Happy Holidays to you! Kelly ;D


  2. Same here – the B/W base wifi only model. Still playing with it and did manage to load a few stories into it. Interesting perspective on the book thing. Hadn't thought of that before.


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