Book Review: Fated Encounter

Fated Encounter (A Holloway Pack Mini)Fated Encounter by J.A. Belfield

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After delving into the world of the Hathaway pack this summer with Ms. Belfield’s Darkness and Light (gave it 4.5 stars in my Goodreads review at the time),I was anxious to dive into Sean’s head and get his perspective on one of the pivotal scenes in the novel — the first time Jem “scents” Sean at a local shopping center. I have to say I wasn’t disappointed in the least.

Fated Encounter takes us with Sean as he runs an errand for his (quite hot) demanding brother, Ethan. Without knowing why, Sean drives past a few stores to visit one in particular. The one where Jem is shopping. I found the touches of awkward male humor refreshing and thought Ms. Belfield gave Sean added dimensions here that we didn’t get in Darkness and Light.

While the story is a “mini” and meant to be short, I was disappointed to find I had come to the ending when I got there. Even having read the novel and knowing what the scene entailed, I was thoroughly entertained throughout.

I guess if I had one negative comment to make, I would say that I was put off slightly by the way Sean’s emotions and reactions always seemed to be happening to him and he only reacting — he almost felt like a bystander in his own body in some places.

A nice, fun read and an excellent companion to the Darkness and Light novel– or any of the stories Ms. Belfield may have in mind for the Hathaway pack. Yummy *winks*

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  1. Hehehehe, thanks. 🙂

    This being a little short seems to be a common complaint. But then I only ever intended it to be a free read, so couldn’t afford to spend much longer on it than I already did. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂


  2. It was a great snipit piece and definitely enough to get a reader interested in the novel for the more detailed view of things. Really enjoyed it — short enough to finish in an evening and enough detail to keep me engrossed in the sotry and characters.


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