Six Sentence Sunday: The Dragon and the Raven #sixsunday

I’ve been spending time going through the old notebooks, and grabbed this weeks six sentence from a historical romance I had started writing when I was a senior in high school and addicted to bodice rippers. I got a giggle out of reading some of it…yanno, before I knew what an active voice was, or that adverbs were a sign of the devil 😛  I made a point not to make and edits to it, it sits as it did the day I wrote it (somewhere around 1987).

Apparently I had a darker side, even way back then.


All eyes turned to see what was going on when Brutus announced that he had a special treat for them. “Excuse me gentlemen,” he called out to the crowd, his vise like grip still attached to Shelby’s arm to keep her in place. “Give me your attention for a bit.” Brutus waited for quiet before he continued. “You will all be happy to hear that my newest addition here is ready to start working for me in the upstairs rooms. With her still being a virgin, I’ve decided to give the first shot at her to the highest bidder.”

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About Bex Brennan

I never know what to put here. I assume something witty to make you think I'm interesting. But, Im just me -- a published erotica writer, single parent with a day job. I love my kids, writing, my boyfriend (life partner sounds ridiculous), my dog and going to camp on the weekends. *shrugs* That's all I got for ya.

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  1. Heather Thurmeier

    This is a dark side! But also captivating!! I hope the girl’s fate changes.


  2. Great 6~! Clearly, you were made to be a writer if you produced that when you were so young! Very impressive.


  3. yikes! Impressive for a young writer


  4. You wrote this in high school?! I’m impressed! I love looking through some of my older writing. Recently, I stumbled upon a collection of poems I wrote as a child (before I even knew what poetry was). I got a kick out of how terrible and funny they were. Thanks for sharing!


  5. In high school you wrote this?! Wow. That’s pretty gritty for that age and not at all as rough as you led me to believe it would be in your intro. Your early stuff makes my early stuff look like Kindergarten scribblings.


  6. Wish I was writing stuff like this when I was in high school!

    Brutus is a git but I’d love to read more. Any plans to redraft it.


    • I did love the characters, and I still have it sitting, waiting for when I can develop a plotline without more holes in it than swiss cheese. While I may have been able to turn a phrase back then, I had no idea at all how to plot an entire novel.

      Someday 🙂


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