Book Review: Into The Unknown by Jocelyn Adams, J.A. Belfield and Aimee Laine

Into The Unknown
Into The Unknown by Jocelyn Adams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was quite looking forward to getting a chance to read this collection being I had read the three debut novels associated with the characters in each of the tales. Curious to get a feel for what the common thread would be, I dove in. The tales were short enough, that I managed to complete the collection in one evening of reading, which was actually nice with the hectic schedule I seem to have going of late.

In an effort to be fair to each of the included shorts, I thought it best to visit each individually.

Marked by J. A. Belfield:

In this short, we get a chance to see the relationship between Darkness and Light main characters, Sean and Jem from Sean’s perspective. The story finds them at the conclusion of the novel with Sean trying in his werewolf chic way to propose to Jem. I really enjoyed getting a deeper look into Sean’s psyche in this short and I found the plot issues really believable in an urban fairy tale sort of way, which only added to the authenticity of the storytelling. This was a sweet and romantic winner for me.

Misguided by Aimee Laine:

This tale gives us a chance to check in with Wyatt Moreland and Charley Randall where Ms. Laine’s novel, Little White Lies leaves off. While the novel is written from Charley’s perspective, here we get a chance to sit inside Wyatt’s head. All of the other characters who brought the novel to life are also present in Misguided. A bonus for me, as it was one of the high points of the book for me. The story reads as a precursor to the second book in the Mimics of Rune series by giving the reader a glimpse at the troubles to come for the shape shifters and their FBI cohorts. Once again, I just loved the interplay between all the characters, and focus on the friendships in this story. Ms. Laine left enough teasers to get me drooling for the next book, which looks to focus on two of the shape shifters in their clan, Lily and Cael. Looking forward to that one for sure.

Tempted by Jocelyn Adams

I absolutely loved The Glass Man, so was anxiously looking forward to another visit with Lily and Liam. I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. Like the other two tales, the story picks up the main characters of the authors novel at the close, and comes from the perspective of the leading man in the romantic relationship. Since Tempted is presented from Liam’s perspective, the story gives us a nice deep glimpse into the Unseelie side of the fae. Liam has to deal with some internal strife that summons forth his darker nature. Everyone knows I love a leading man with a dark side, and like in the novel, Liam delivers. Suffice to say I’d let him stare me down any day. I found myself disappointed when this short came to an end.

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