Tuesday Task Tally: Hey, It’s Tuesday (and I remembered) #tuesdaytask


I have actually had a relatively calm week this time around. I have really rocked through most of my publisher’s requirements at this point and have found I actually have had some time to get other things done, like catching up on critiques for fellow authors, some reading, and a new story.

Here is this week’s task list and progress:

Tasks assigned by my publisher:

1. Finish editing rounds of Call of the Sea – DONE – final copy has been sent on to my editors. I guess this means the novel is done – like really, actually finished. Squee!

2. Write a blog post for the publishers blog. – IN PROGRESS – Ideally I would like to finish one of these each week. So far though, I have only sent one in.

Tasks I assigned myself:

1. Contact Book bloggers and reviewers to try and set up some guest posts, interviews and other promotions for Call of the Sea – IN PROGRESS –  I have managed to set up one Author Spotlight and am working on more.

2. Finish up with the coordination of the cover reveal on Feb. 20th. – DONE (basically). I’ve set up all my bloggers and author friends with the image and blog postings have been scheduled and advertised. (weee!)

3. Write, write, write – IN PROGRESS – Need to get the first draft down for Destiny’s Trial (WT) for the J. Taylor “Make Believe” anthology.

4. Catch up on reading and reviews. – IN PROGRESS – The review blog over at Bex Book Nook has been slightly neglected and I am hoping to correct that little issue.

5. Play with Flash and make a Book Trailer for Call of the Sea – STILL CONSIDERING – Not sure if I want to eat up more time doing this one. As much as I love playing with graphics, I think this one may be more of a time eating distraction than I need at the moment.

6. Go see STOMP at the Palace Theater with the bo-hunk and my daughters on Saturday night – WAITING – Okay, this one is absolutely not writing related, but I’m super excited about it all the same.

I think that’s all the big stuff I have going on this week. What about you? What sorts of things are on your task list this week?


About Bex Brennan

I never know what to put here. I assume something witty to make you think I'm interesting. But, Im just me -- a published erotica writer, single parent with a day job. I love my kids, writing, my boyfriend (life partner sounds ridiculous), my dog and going to camp on the weekends. *shrugs* That's all I got for ya.

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  1. Well for me, the most exciting thing on your list is STOMP! Hope you and the family enjoy it! Second is your cover reveal. Wow, how exciting to show your first novel to the world.
    Sounds like you’ve got a lot on this week. Good luck.


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