My Own Games of Zeus Giveaway and an Interview with Aimee Laine #giveaway #free #ebook

I have always had a rather keen interest in the Greek Myths, so I was super excited when I had the opportunity to read the publisher’s ARC copy of HIDE AND SEEK, a new paranormal romance series by author of LITTLE WHITE LIES, Aimee Laine. You can see my review of HIDE AND SEEK HERE. (I gave it 4.5 of 5 stars)

Ms. Laine also graciously agreed to allow me to host a little contest and giveaway to promote the release of the first novel in the Games of Zeus series. (Enter the Greek Myths)

 She also agreed to swing by the blog today and answer a few of my probing questions. (Yay me! – and by extension, you :P)

As you may have guessed by now, Ms. Laine’s new novel plays off the infamous Greek Myths, starting with Zeus’ ultimate paradox, the story of the fox and the hound. (If you’re not familiar with this particular myth, you can find out more from Wikipedia here: Fox, Hound)

I have a fair knowledge of some of the more popular greek myths and mythical creatures. Reading the novel got me thinking about my own favorites, and wondering which ones were the most popular with others. Would I be surprised to know how many others agreed with my choice, or what others were held in high regard? would someone have a favorite I may not have even heard of before?

And so, my contest idea was born. This is what you need to do to win a free eBook copy of HIDE AND SEEK, and a bookmark autographed by Aimee Laine.

1. Comment below naming your favorite greek myth and why it’s your favorite.

2. Provide and email address where I can contact you should you be the winner.

That’s it!

Yup, I will select one lucky commenter at random to receive both prizes. Because, I am really interested in giving you all time to give this some thought before answering, I will leave the contest open for one week. All qualifying replies made before midnight EST on 3/30 will be eligible for the random drawing.

I have a hard time chosing my own favorite myth, though I guess it would have to be the story if Sisyphus (destined to push the giant boulder uphill for eternity).

My reasoning would simply be the beauty of poetic justice. Karma can be a real… well, you know.

While, not a myth, but more a creature, Medusa comes a close second for me.

Along this same vein, *shifts focus to Aimee*

Bex: Of all the greek myths you could have chosen to play with for this story, why the fox and the hound?

Aimee: So this may sound like it’s cheating, but it’s a made-for-story plot. It’s the perfect, the ultimate, an ideal conflict and that’s exactly what readers want, right? Conflict? 🙂

Bex: I noticed this is Games of Zeus #1 — leading me to believe there will be others. Will future novels each play on their own greek myths?

Aimee: Yes. Book two is called Silent Echoes and it features Ian and Taylor who have a game of their own to play. This one’s a love triangle across the ages that isn’t gonna end well … ever. Zeus was KNOWN for his love triangles — all the gods were. Apparently, gods didn’t find monogamy important. Um, hello? People? IT IS! But hey, it does make for a great ‘game’ … and of course, I’ve put my own twists and turns on it. NO idea when this one will come out, but I have plans for Emma, too. Can’t tell you anything about her game yet.

Bex: Will Games of Zeus series work like your Mimics of Rune series does, with the supporting characters in the previous books taking center stage (when it is their turn) in the series novels?

Aimee: Yup. Kinda answered this one above, but it will. Each key character will have their own story. In the Mimics of Rune, we have Cael and Lily (Surrender, September 2012) and Maggie & James (sometimes in the future). There’s also Stuart, if I wanted to write for him. Which I may. In Games of Zeus, there really are three main stories. However (and this is kinda key) … I have plans to write a few novellas (maybe novels) for Tripp and Lexi using their gifts. That’ll be fun. Maybe. 😉

I for one, can’t wait to read some of these new stories, as well. If they are anything like the first two, we are in for a real treat. Thanks so much for letting me pick your brain a bit.

Ok, folks. That’s it for now.

Make sure you remember to comment below (and leave a way to contact you)for your chance to win!

Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Thanks so much for having me and for hosting! 🙂


  2. While I have taken a class in Greek Mythology in the past, what I remember is limited. Two that stick out in my mind is The Birth of Athena and Orion the Hunter. The reason behind the Birth of Athena is any female that can give a man a gigantic headache, cause him to have his head split open and is born in full fighting gear is okay in my book. She was also known for her wisdom and courage, which I need to draw from often. While I know there is a myth behind Orion, that is not really why he is a favorite, although he was is supposed to be a gorgeous specimen. This somewhat correlates with my reason for liking him, he is very easy on the eyes. One of my favorite past times is looking at the stars. As Orion is one of the biggest constellations, I have spent many of nights looking at him and getting lost in my thoughts. Orion, how I will miss you until the fall. There is also a more personal reason. Growing up I remember my Grandfather, the Hungarian, and I would be looking at the stars and he would tell me various Hungarian stories. One was the Hungarian folklore of Orion. According to him, Orion was called Nimrod in Hungarian, which meant the biggest hunter. Of course, being young, I would always laugh when he would say Nimrod thinking of the not so nice meaning of the work. Kids! That’s All Folks.


  3. I love books dealing with mythology. I like the story of Hades and Persephone.



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