Eight Great Truths: Machenwood’s Laws #AtoZchallenge #writing #blogging #machenwood

As I promised you all in yesterday’s D posting, for E day of the A to Z Challenge, we are tackling the Eight Great Truths of Machenwood.

The truths are akin to the laws of physics. They govern all the races and realms of the world, be they dark or light–good or evil.

Even Machenwood’s Pantheon must bend their will to conform to the Truths.

The Eight Truths of Machenwood:

  1. There is no light without dark.
  2. A damsel is ALWAYS in distress.
  3. You can change your form, but you can’t change your essence.
  4. True love conquers all, but passion has power.
  5. Princes are ALWAYS charming.
  6. True gold doesn’t really glitter.
  7. Destiny can’t be outrun, but magic opens doors.
  8. Over time, form will change essence.

(Number five can be noted with respect to yesterday’s post about the character, Domnu. If you recall, he is a prince of the Dark Forest, and therefore bound by Truth #5 — though at some point in history, we can assume he becomes the King, and that law no longer applies to him.)

Everything and everyone who lives in Machenwood are governed by these eight simple truths.

So many ways to torture… I mean, so many ways these eight things could wreck havoc or serve as salvation in the life of a Machenwoodian. So many plot twists, triumphs, and tragedies.

As the author of their fantastic tales, that suits me just fine. 🙂


About Bex Brennan

I never know what to put here. I assume something witty to make you think I'm interesting. But, Im just me -- a published erotica writer, single parent with a day job. I love my kids, writing, my boyfriend (life partner sounds ridiculous), my dog and going to camp on the weekends. *shrugs* That's all I got for ya.

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  1. Those are eight truths indeed. #3 and #6 are my favourites.

    J.C. Martin
    A to Z Blogger


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