N is for Nelson: I Wish I Had a Best Friend Like This #atozchallenge #blogging #CotS

So, I managed to mess up my letters and for about 15 minutes today, had my O post up. I think I fixed that, and will now give you the proper N post I had set up for today.

N is for Nelson — Ellie Winters best, okay, more like only friend. Nelson is modeled after a coworker of mine I have never met in person, and have only ever spoken with over the phone. Despite that, he is a go to guy for me at the office, and someone I consider a friend.

He just cracks me up — plus he seems to like me… I am a sucker for people who like me. Anyway, his name is Nelson, so I took his personality and out popped Ellie’s protector and best friend.

Here is a short excerpt from CALL OF THE SEA featuring everyone’s best friend, Nelson.

Ellie lifted her chin. “Aye, sir, he did. The captain said for you to give me Briar’s job.”

Gorgon shrugged massive shoulders. “Come with me, then.” He turned and ambled across the deck toward the bow.

Ellie hurried to keep up with his long strides. When he reached the mainmast, Gorgon stopped and looked up the long pole to the crow’s nest perched at the top. “Nelson! Get your arse down here.”

A bald man peeked over the rim of the lookout basket. “Aye, sir!” Nelson crawled over the edge of the nest, and with surprising agility climbed down the rigging. He landed on nimble bare feet in front of Gorgon and flashed a row of white teeth. “At your service.” His brown eyes shifted to Ellie, looked her up and down with slow deliberation.

“I got a new cabin boy for you.” Gorgon thumbed toward Ellie before folding his huge arms over his chest. “Show him the ropes and keep him out of trouble. He’s your responsibility.”

Nelson nodded. “Understood.”

Without so much as a glance at Ellie, Gorgon turned away and headed back toward the gangplank, where a group of men had just dropped a large wooden crate. “You can’t leave that there, you taffards!”

“What’s your name, boy?” Nelson asked, drawing Ellie’s attention. The gold earring looping his left ear flashed in the sunlight, lending him a dubious quality.

“Ellis, sir.”

Dressed in cutoff pants and a threadbare shirt, Nelson reminded Ellie of a shipwreck survivor. His lack of hair made it hard for her to guess his age, but the creases at the corners of his eyes told her he was older than Papa. “Okay, Ellis, first lesson. Respect is earned through actions, not words. Drop the ‘sir’. I go by Nelson.”

Straight to the point. She liked him already. “Got it.”

Nelson is one character I never bothered to find a suitable image for, as he was always so fully formed in my head when he showed up.

He is certainly one of a kind, and as you will find out as you read Call of the Sea — the type of friend every young pirate should have.

Happy Monday!!


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I never know what to put here. I assume something witty to make you think I'm interesting. But, Im just me -- a published erotica writer, single parent with a day job. I love my kids, writing, my boyfriend (life partner sounds ridiculous), my dog and going to camp on the weekends. *shrugs* That's all I got for ya.

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  1. He sounds like an interesting character to read. I love that you drew him from someone you “know” via telephone. Kind of the same, really–no visual yet you still know him.


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