Where in the living hell have you been? #writing #beingapennamesucks #erotica

Just thought I would swing by and say hello, since I have been basically MIA for about two months. Didja miss me?!?

For those of you who may not know this, I am a pen name, an alter ego as it were, and for the past couple of months, my mainstream identity has been preparing for a novel release. If you are interested in learning more about that, stop over at her site (http://rebeccahartwriting.com) and check out Call of the Sea – her debut release.

As for me, I have been sitting back and allowing her to take the reigns on our writing careers, but that time is coming to an end quickly. I have a few dark and naughty tales bubbling in my brain, so I think it may just be time for me to take over for a while. Besides, I have a couple of ambitious fellow erotica writers who are leaving me in the dust with their publishing credits — and I am starting to get just a bit jealous.

So look for more regular activity and maybe even a few new stories and teasers here soon. Thanks to you all for staying with me.



About Bex Brennan

I never know what to put here. I assume something witty to make you think I'm interesting. But, Im just me -- a published erotica writer, single parent with a day job. I love my kids, writing, my boyfriend (life partner sounds ridiculous), my dog and going to camp on the weekends. *shrugs* That's all I got for ya.

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  1. Katherine Skye

    I will definitley be stopping by…heading over now!


  2. Get writing, girlie. I want to read your naughty endeavors.


  3. Dear Bex,
    Superb stuff.
    Your idea—writing erotica—is brilliant, if you ask me. It is wiser than James Joycean. Who wants to read Joyce? I studied the English lit. stuff in college, and I don’t want to read James Joyce. Only a couple pedantic college English professors want to read James Joyce, but I would like to read your erotica. It has tremendous possibilities.
    I will readily admit that we who write novels have a problem. Nobody wants to take time to read 200 pages. Everybody wants 1 billion or 2 billion bits of information every day. I too am like everybody else. I want lots of information real quick. Whatever.
    I come to praise your work, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I have come to praise mine too, so I included one of my poems. It is a bit erotica, like your work too. I hope you like it.
    Your concept for Ace in the Hole is captivating, kind of like Woody Allen’s orgasmo machine, but more interactive.
    I hope we can stay in touch. Maybe together we can further the world of literature … and art. O I include a bio too, to give you a brief idea of where I am coming from.
    Good luck with your work. You are doing great stuff.
    All my best,
    Tim Ruane

    Aberrations Concerning True Love in a Coffee Shop

    I could tell by her buttocks that she should be mine
    To affirm and consider with my lonely incisors
    Like a wayward, rebellious, despairing, drunken, yet mostly holy,
    Schizophrenic Jesuit priest.
    She mesmerized me by standing there,
    At the half-and-half table,
    All taught in her Calvin Klein blue jeans
    Around her Saturn-like, two-moon butt,
    Unrepentant like a Barbie doll,
    Though more chunky.
    My core and soul retreated
    Then acted like a Flying bomb, fire-bang missile
    Blasting off from Cape Canaveral
    Or Hamburg, Germany.
    I looked at her with sex eyes,
    And she looked at me back.
    Her face was moon-like too,
    Gazing at me like a honey bear.
    I was rearing all sexist
    Like a moo-cow bucking at a rodeo in that backward land Texas.
    After I had steeled myself, as Adonis would,
    I began to utter my prepared words,
    Which I had practiced daily for eight, solid, insidious months now
    Before the bathroom glass:
    “Would you like to function with me?
    I’m apparently judiciously labeled insane,
    By a Louisiana convention
    Of 11 professional quacks,
    But I’m really not. I’m a rocket ship instead.
    How to do. I’m Harvey Thrilling, and I like your bangs.
    Shall we sit together cozy
    And talk of Toulouse Lautrec
    And the schizoid-effective mal-effects of old-time, Parisian absinthe?
    Or perhaps we should discuss
    The protozoan manners of the Japanese in World War II,
    The repentant bastards.”
    But before I could utter my oral recitations,
    She turned like Ingrid Bergman and walked away,
    Goose-stepping her fine ass in sway.
    I looked for another woman, hoping in my abdominal tract
    To discover rescue, redemption, affirmation and ascension,
    And I examined, Plato-like,
    My mother’s complex.
    Sigmund Freud—in prodigious, comatose, cocaine-induced analyses—
    Should consider these things.

    More me:

    About Tim Ruane

    Tim Ruane is an artist and writer. He is a graduate of Georgetown University, where he studied English and art, and has worked as a chief copy editor in the editorial department of The Washington Post, where he also worked as a freelance photographer. He has written hundreds of poems, two novels a number of short stories. His writing, mostly poetry, along with his photography, is published regularly by The Good Men Project. His photographs have also been published by The Washington Post and Simon & Schuster. He has shown his photographs at the Potomac MD Public Library and is scheduled to be published in ShareArt LA, Circumfleks Magazine and Splinter Literary Journal. He will have an exhibition of his photographs in September at the offices of Prudential FedRealty in Washington D.C. Mr. Ruane lives and works in Garrett Park MD, just outside Washington D.C. USA.


  4. I love dark and bubbling tales! 🙂


  5. Living the double life is a royal pain! Even when your other life isn’t a writer 😛


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