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A Leap of Faith Contracted by Evernight Publishing #RosesandThorns #BDSM @evernightpub

19 Mar

Now that the ink is dry on the contract, I can shout my good news from the rooftops without fear of jinxing myself.

*happy wiggling*

A LEAP OF FAITH, the sequel to FAITH’S GIFT (Vanilla-Free Christmas) and the beginning of my “Roses and Thorns” series has been contracted by Evernight Publishing for tentative release in May 2013.

I’m over the moon excited to be working with Evernight on my first solo release with their fantastic and growing publishing house.

To celebrate the great news, I thought I would offer you a little tidbit from each of the stories, and hopefully get you all as excited as I am about the new release.

From FAITH’S GIFT (Vanilla-Free Christmas):

He led her back down the hall off of the living room, but instead of entering his bedroom as Faith had anticipated, Richard stopped at the door to the storage room across the hall. He unlocked the door with a tiny silver key he removed from his shorts pocket and pushed it open. “Ladies first.”

Faith took a few tentative steps into the darkened room.

Richard followed her inside and flicked on the light.

The first thing to capture Faith’s attention was the giant black cross positioned directly across from the door. There were leather straps on both sides and at the bottom. Beside it sat a padded sawhorse with a kneeler, and next to that was a table similar to one you might find in a doctor’s office. On the wall were black and silver instruments of all types and sizes; some she recognized, most she didn’t.

Fear tickled the hair on her arms. She took a step backward, coming in contact with Richard’s chest.

“Don’t be afraid,” he soothed, voice soft at her ear. His arms slipped around her waist. “I know you aren’t ready for most of the toys in here. We’re just here to grab a few things.”

Faith stared at the barbed whip hanging on the wall beside the cross. *Hopefully not that.*

He nibbled at her earlobe, scattering her thoughts. “We’ll take things slow and easy so you can learn to trust me.”

His lips were driving her mad. Faith tilted her head, giving him unfettered access to her throat.

Richard’s teeth played havoc with coherent thought. His words vibrated along her pulse. “I’ll take that as a ‘Yes, Sir’.” He released his hold on her waist and headed to a wall of hanging chain and leather. He removed a thin black studded collar from its peg. He glanced over his shoulder. “Come here.”

I can’t certainly understand why readers have taken such a shine to Richard. Just the right amount of dominance, sarcasm and charm. Here is a bit more of Richard — this time from the new story, A LEAP OF FAITH.

Not quite ready to face the realities of dawn, she snuggled deeper into the covers, inhaled a lungful of his spicy scent, and pressed her eyes closed.

When she opened them again, her gaze locked with Richard, who sat reclined against the headboard. Had he been watching her sleep? She moved to sit up, cheeks heating.

Richard held her in place, a smile lighting his features. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Sorry, I was just…”

“Just nothing. I’m not done admiring your beauty quite yet. The black leather collar suits you, pet.”

A tiny smile tugged at the corner of her lips, but before she could thank him, Richard swiped the blankets away with a quick jerk, exposing her nudity, and letting all the trapped heat out from under them.

Faith squealed, wrapped her arms around her bared breasts and rolled into him, Burying her face against his chest, she gave an exaggerated shiver. “Too cold.”

“It’s like eighty degrees in here.”

She peeked up at him. “It was until you let all the heat out of the covers.”

He reached between her arms and tweaked a nipple. “Don’t worry. You’ll warm up while you’re making the coffee. You know where everything is, yes?”

She shivered and glanced across the room at the bedroom door. “It’s so far away.”

His laughter warmed her some. “You’ll survive. I like mine black, one sugar.” He gave her behind a pinch. “Hop to it. The sooner it’s done, the sooner you can return to the warm covers.” A teasing light danced in his eyes. “And, more importantly, me.”

Faith bowed her lips into a pretty pout. “May I have a kiss to keep me warm during my journey to the harsh and frozen realm of ceramic kitchen tiles?”

“How can I refuse you when you ask so nicely, fair maiden?” He gripped her chin, his sweet mouth descending towards hers. A hair’s breath from reaching her parted lips, Richard hesitated. “What do you say?”

“Please?” she begged.

He captured her mouth with his, heating Faith to her toes in the space of an instant, and scattering her thoughts like autumn leaves in a brisk wind.

She melted against him, whimpering when his tongue invaded and teased hers, taunting it to join in his erotic dance. Her hands slid up his toned pectorals on their way to encircle his neck.

Richard captured her wrists, stopping her timid advance in its tracks. He drew his hot lips away, leaving her breathless. “Oh, no you don’t. Nice try, little minx. Coffee first. Your reward comes afterward.”

Well, did it work? Are you just excited as excited for release day as I am? I’m sure you all realize I will do my best to keep you informed as things progress.


Feel free to comment or share your thoughts below. :)

NOTE: If you are an erotic book reviewer and are interested in receiving an ARC copy for review, just drop me an email at rbrennanerotica (at) yahoo (dot) com and I will add you to the list for when the ARC’s are complete.


New Release News: Blood and Fire by R. Brennan (@bexbrennan) Now Available! @Musepublishing

28 Dec

Today I get to share some New Release News near and dear to my heart. Why? Because today is release day for my Erotic Horror short, BLOOD AND FIRE!! *cue confetti and fanfare*

Originally released in 2011 as part of an erotic horror anthology, Sinisterotica — which a total of maybe fifteen people read, I am so pleased to have a chance to offer this story (one of my favorites) to a (hopefully) broader audience.

** NOTE: The information contained below relates to an erotic work of fiction. If you are under 18 or offended by such things, please do not read further. Thank you. **

Let’s take a closer look at this steamy erotic release, shall we?

bloodandfire200x300 Blurb: College student, Francesca Morgan has finally met the Dominant man of her dreams. Kevin Stevenson is sexy, sure of himself, and knows just how to make her knees quake.

When he takes Frankie to her first fetish party, she is reminded being collared means her Master can do what he wishes with her, including offering her “services” for the evening to a sexy Dominant business associate he is trying to impress.

It doesn’t take long for Frankie to realize their host, Bartholomew Andrews is nothing like any Dom she has ever served. Aside from his devastating looks and heaping financial fortune, Bartholomew can read her thoughts, and knows just how to make her body react.

Can Frankie keep her wits about her and serve at his feet without falling for him, or will Master Amazing steal her heart and her soul in one steamy night of servitude?

Be warned — Contains elements of horror, BDSM, S&M, and a Dom/sub dynamic

Excerpt: I fidgeted with my black lace garter for the third time in five minutes. No matter how much I toyed with it, the torturous material tickled my inner thighs until I resort to scratching like a flea-infested hound. Through sheer force of will, I stopped gouging at my leg, and with a quick twist and pull, adjusted my g-string, which attempted to crawl higher than any butt floss should go. Tweaking complete, I checked my appearance in the bathroom mirror.

The red satin teddy clung to hourglass curves and highlighted my green eyes, just as I’d hoped when picking it out. The bodice’s built-in push up bra did wonders for the little ladies—an added bonus. I swept a few unruly, blonde strands of hair from my face and took stock of the make-up situation. Rosy cheeks. Check. Black eye gunk. Check.

I inhaled through my nose, and with puffed cheeks, blew out through my mouth—a stress relief trick I learned watching daytime TV. But, the nervous tension remained knotted between my shoulder blades.

I guess it’s time to see if I have the balls to wear this getup in public.

Stiffening my bare shoulders, I turned away from the mirror and left the bathroom, stopping just short of barreling into Mallory.

“Jesus, Mal.” My hands found my silk clad hips. “You couldn’t wait in the living room? I told you I’d be out in a minute.”

“Sorry, but you’ve been in there for ages, Frankie.”

Holding my hands out to my sides, I turned in a circle. “Well? What do you think?”

The only woman on the planet I actually trusted appraised me from top to bottom. “Let me see your ass again.”

With a quick turnabout, I wiggled my rear at her and peeked over my shoulder to see if she approved.


MuseItUp Publishing

Coffee Time Romance
All Romance eBooks

iStock_000012188225XSmallAbout the Author: R. Brennan is the erotic alter-ego of a published author and a subbie brat with a bitch streak. She works as an IT geek for the state of New York, and is a reformed gaming addict living in the rolling hills of Upstate NY (you know, where it takes a 10 mile drive to buy a gallon of milk and the scent of cows lingers on the breeze).

A busy girl in 2012, R. has an erotic short, Faith’s Gift in the recently released Christmas anthology by Evernight Publishing, VANILLA-FREE CHRISTMAS, and another erotic short, Routine Maintenance in FELT TIPS – a collection of erotic short stories published by Tiffany Reisz and 8th Circle Press with all proceeds going to charity.

The truly brave are welcome to follow her on twitter: @bexbrennan but beware, her tweets are often #NSFW :)

FELT TIPS Has a Cover! #FeltTips #erotica #charity

9 Dec

Just a few days before release and the office supply themed erotica anthology for charity, FELT TIPS finally has its official cover. I have to say it was worth the wait. I am just loving it!

What do you guys think?


Anthology Stories:

Jenny Lyn – Indelible
Karen Booth – Taking Dictation
Karen Stivali – Hard at Work
Heather Cole – The Saint of Office Hell
Blacksilk – Of Silver, Sin, and School Desks
Brittany Lawrence – Mine
Eric Andrew Satchwill – What Is It, Suzie?
Gwen Marie Porter – My New Office Chair
Amber Lin – Proof
Jason Darrick – Stapled
Kelly Jamieson – Getting Down to Business
AmyBeth Inverness – In the Closet
Rebecca Stewart – Special Delivery
Marie Wright – The Drawing
Sopphey Vance – Down to the Point
Lynne Silver – Doing it Write
Jillian Boyd – Mark Me
Shoshanna Evers – Tape
Alyssa Linn Palmer – Vee
Sandra Bunino – The Fountain Pen
Antonio Angelo – Trust Me
Lela Gwenn – Whiteboard
Xander Grimm – The Night Shift
Kiki Snow – The Benefits of Multitasking
R. Brennan – Routine Maintenance
Maxine Marsh – The Boss
Cara Ellyn – Private Message
Erin Danielle – All Marked Up
Lucy Felthouse – A Stroke of Peach
Anya Winter – The Server
Diana Cruz – A Rough Night at the Office
Emily Cale – A Planned Encounter
Patricia Correll – Theo’s Donation
Morgan Sierra – The Motion of the Ocean
Candice Bundy – Open Rack
K. Fish – The Antique
Memory Scarlett – Silky & Silvered
Michelle Ribaric – All Work & No Play
Stella Harris – Turnabout
Juliana Sliema – Caught
Jade Adkins – Embrace the Strength Inside
Amanda Fletcher – What Happens at STAPLES
Allie Sanders – Love Letters
Tiffany Reisz – Teacher’s Pet

All proceeds for this erotica anthology go to purchase school supplies for children and work clothes for adults seeking employment. Oh, and it’s the brain child of the glorious D/s diva and one of my idols, Ms. Tiffany Reisz, so be sure to add it to your TBR pile, and buy yourself a copy! Release date is 12/12/12 — easy to remember.


New Release News: Vanilla-Free Christmas Now Available #erotica #BDSM #KINK @evernightpub

3 Dec


Title: Vanilla-Free Chrismas
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Release Date: December 3, 2012

Blurb: This Christmas, the best gifts are waiting for those who have been naughty…

And the toys under the tree are not for children. Sexy Santas, naughty elves, and dominant shifters are ready to spread some very kinky Christmas cheer. It’s a good thing the ladies in our stories are looking for anything but vanilla.

Be Warned: ménage sex, anal sex, sex toys, BDSM, spanking

~ 9 Author Kink Anthology~

Santa’s Beard by Doris O’Connor
The Olympian by Sandra Bunino
Three in a Tub by Giselle Renarde
A Few of My Favorite Things by Seleste deLaney
The Man Inside by Lila Shaw
Who’s Been Naughty and Nice? by Vanessa Devereaux
Secrets Santa by Raven McAllan
Faith’s Gift by R. Brennan
A Very Furry Christmas by Jorja Lovett

BUY Links:

Evernight Publishing


All Romance eBooks



Cover Reveal: Vanilla Free Christmas Anthology (@evernightpub)

8 Nov

I am beyond excited to share the fantastic cover for the anthology my erotic short, Faith’s Gift will be included in. This is my first publication with Evernight Publishing, and so far, I am absolutely IN LOVE with them as a publisher. The other authors have been wonderfully supportive and the staff at Evernight have been so professional and friendly.

Here is the wonderful cover they have come up with for this years Christmas Anthology.

Title: Vanilla-Free Christmas
Author: Various Authors
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Release Date: December 3, 2012

Blurb: This Christmas, the best gifts are waiting for those who have been naughty…

And the toys under the tree are not for children. Sexy Santas, naughty elves, and dominant shifters are ready to spread some very kinky Christmas cheer. It’s a good thing the ladies in our stories are looking for anything but vanilla.

** Be Warned: ménage sex, anal sex, sex toys, BDSM, spanking **

My Story: Faith’s Gift (R. Brennan)

Blurb: After a nasty breakup, Faith Daniels has vowed to boycott Christmas. So when her best friend, Laura, asks her to do a little dog sitting job in Manhattan over the holidays, Faith has no real reason to deny the request.

And, as it turns out, taking the job may just lead to the best Christmas gift Faith has ever been given.
So tell me… what do you think of the cover?  Love it? Hate it? As always, I am interested in hearing your thoughts and opinions, so leave them below :)

Faith’s Gift Has Been Contracted by Evernight Publishing (@evernightpub)! #erotica #BDSM

2 Oct

That’s right, you heard it here. I have finally managed to write a story worthy of the publisher my Pen Sisters, Lila Shaw and Kastil Eavenshade have been raving about — Evernight Publishing.

FAITH’S GIFT, a romantic, erotic short with strong BDSM elements has been accepted and contracted to be included in Evernight’s Christmas kink anthology, Vanilla-Free Christmas.

Most of you know how much I enjoy writing kinky BDSM oriented stories, so this anthology was a no-brainer for me.

I am so absolutely excited to have earned a spot in the Evernight family and to join such amazing authors as Lila and Kastil, not to mention others like Sandra Bunino. So stoked!!

I don’t have a ton of details yet, nor do I know what other authors will be included in the anthology, but I promise to pass along any information I get.

In the meantime, Evernight has already added me to their Authors Page, so you can find my links and contact info — and hopefully at some point soon, get a look at some other titles I will have available through Evernight (yes, ya gotta dream big, baby!)

My Evernight Author Page

Blood and Fire to Be Published by MuseItUp Publishing #erotica #erotic #horror #BDSM

22 Aug

I am so excited to announce that MuseItUp Publishing has accepted my erotic horror short, BLOOD AND FIRE, and will be publishing it as a stand alone eBook.

The story is set for release in December 2012 — which is perfect timing, as my short story, Routine Maintenance will also debut in December as part of the Felt Tips Charity Anthology. The idea of having two stories out at the same time has me really looking forward to winter (and this NEVER happens).

I’m also working on a short story to sub for another anthology featuring holiday themed stories featuring KINK — we all know how I love kinky tales. *evil grin*

A BDSM-style collar that buckles in the back. ...

I’ll be sure to post more information on that as I get closer to actually finishing the story and getting it ready for submission, but I wanted to make sure to stop in and give you all an update on how things are going with me.

Didn’t want you thinking I abandoned you all again.


Now Available at ACE in the Hole

17 Oct


ACE in the Hole:

Twenty year old, Marley Drake is smokin’ hot and she knows it. In search of her next Sugar Daddy, Marley hits a trendy downtown bar with her best friend, Amy. What she finds may just be the jackpot–if she can get past the fact that he’s at least three times her age and a bit creepy. She realizes Professor VonHessen is much more than he appears when he introduces her to his robotics masterpiece, ACE; an anatomically correct android built for sex.

ACE in the Hole is available from and will soon also be available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.

Hey Look! I Made an eBook Cover

15 Oct

So, I did it. I got out the imaging software and dusted off my account at and came up with a cover for my erotic piece – ACE in the Hole.

What do you think?

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