About Rebecca Hart and R. Brennan

About Rebecca Hart and R. Brennan

Thanks for stopping in here. It means you were at least a little curious about the person behind the blog — my work, my imagination, or just how dark the rabbit hole goes.

I’m published under two names — Rebecca Hart (Fantasy, Mainstream romance) and R. Brennan (erotic Romance)

Yes, I also write erotica/erotic romance. I don’t make excuses or try to hide it. I like what I do and I’m pretty good at it, too. The reason I have a pen name for my erotic works has nothing to do with hiding who I really am. That wouldn’t be me. I use one because I write stories in a wide array of genres, and I don’t ever want someone buying my erotica accidentally because they read one of my “mainstream” offerings written under the same name.

I’m a pretty open minded individual and my authorial tastes as far as erotica is concerned lean toward BDSM and Dom/sub stories. I like my men hot and dangerous and tend to write them that way as well. *winks* However, every so often I wander into the realms of romantic HEA erotica.

I’m always open to comments. You can always reach me by commenting below, or you can email me at rebehart69 (at) yahoo (dot) com to reach Rebecca Hart and at rbrennanerotica (at) yahoo (dot) com to reach R. Brennan.

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  1. 🙂 Glad to be stopping over on your website as I add you as an author on the Night Owl Reviews website. I also used to play Wow. Plus I beta tested for Everquest. Power to the Gamers…but also need out of game time.


    • I know my children would agree completely. I was really addicted for a while — what saved me was moving to the stix and the land of dialup internet. That will cure ya right quick, I tell ya. I do admit Mists of Panderia looks like a great expansion.
      I got my start in Ultima Online.


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