Review Policy

I write erotica, but I am an alter-ego, so I also write other things–and enjoy reading them. I love romance in pretty much any form, but also have a keen interest in fantasy (sci-fi, not so much-it better be grab my ass good). I will review YA, enjoy it actually, but bear in mind this is an 18+ website, so you may want to take that into consideration when offering a YA work for review by the Nook.

I do sometimes turn down reviews and, as a rule, will not post a review if I have nothing positive to say about the work being reviewed. Bearing that in mind, I am sometimes hard to please. I write myself, and have lots of books to read. I don’t waste my time on stories if they won’t hold my interest. I refuse to torture myself hunting for something positive to say. My time is somewhat limited when it comes to reading these days. (I am two people in one body, after all *wink*)

If you are still with me, meaning you are interested in having me review your novel/la (etc.), feel free to drop me an email at rbrennanerotica (at) with what you would like me to consider for review.

I participate in Blog Hops, Author Interviews, Cover Reveals, and Character Interviews. I try to offer giveaways (though it is sometimes hard with the restrictions of a free wordpress blog).

If you have a promotion you’d like the Nook to consider participating in, you can address your inquiry to the email given above.

Take care 🙂



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