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Mid-Week Tease: I like My Teases a Little Dark. You? #MWTease #Erotic #Horror #Dark

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It’s Mid-week tease time again. One of my favorite days, by the way. For the teaser this week, I thought I would go with something a little darker, and give you all a little bit of my favorite Dominant, Bartholomew Andrews from my BDSM erotic novella, BLOOD AND FIRE. While this tale also features some BDSM elements, the story is most definitely a dark erotic tale, as it features some paranormal elements as well as a bit of blood and gore. Yet, with all that darkness, Master Bartholomew still shines.

Here is a little tidbit to illustrate what I mean: (Mature Audiences ONLY)

* * * * *

He yanked me to my feet with a growl, his eyes darkening to deep sapphire. A shudder of apprehension coursed through me, puckering my sensitive nipples. His mouth crushed mine in a brutal kiss.

When he pulled his lips away, my head fell back. I gasped for air, breasts heaving.

Bartholomew captured a tight pink nipple with his teeth. My nails dug into his biceps under the tremors of delight that ran down my abdomen. His mouth released my breast while his hands pushed at my shoulders, backing me against the cross. “It’s time to show Master what you’re made of, slave. Are you sure you’re ready to be mine?”

My legs turned to jelly. I’d never wanted anything more in my life. He damned well knows it. Doesn’t he? I’d said it in my head. But, maybe that wasn’t enough, after all.

“Make me yours, Master.”

Bartholomew smiled wide. Twisting a giant screw mechanism, he tilted the cross backward and locked it flat. He reached a hand toward me like a magician beckoning his assistant. “Come play with me, pet.”

Without hesitation, I took his hand and lay down on the sparse surface. My heart hammered as he gently stretched out my arm, kissed the pulse at the crook of my elbow, and locked my wrist in the steel shackle. His nails trailed over my stomach, igniting a fire as he moved to my left side, repeating the locking ritual. Electricity hummed along my flushed skin.

Once he secured both of my arms, he attached each of the ankle cuffs. Like a starved lioness, I feasted on the ensuing adrenaline rush.

Bartholomew spread the leg supports wide, sending a rush of cool air over my heated core. With hands on hips, he admired his handiwork.

Spread and completely exposed, helplessness washed over me. A sigh slipped past my parted lips. I’m so yours.

“This is how you are meant to be, Francesca.” He stalked closer, pinched an erect nipple. “You’re gorgeous chained up. All mine.”

I released a moan of desire, powerless to do anything but bask in the pleasure of my submission.

* * * * *

Now that I’ve whet your whistle, here is where you can grab a copy of Blood and Fire

Blood and Fire CoverBLOOD AND FIRE
by R. Brennan

Publisher: MuseItHot Publishing

Genre: Dark Erotica (Horror)


College student, Francesca Morgan has finally met the Dominant man of her dreams. Kevin Stevenson is sexy, sure of himself, and knows just how to make her knees quake.

When he takes Frankie to her first fetish party, she is reminded being collared means her Master can do what he wishes with her, including offering her “services” for the evening to a Dominant business associate he is trying to impress.

It doesn’t take long for Frankie to realize their host, Bartholomew Andrews is nothing like any Dom she has ever served. Aside from his devastating looks and heaping financial fortune, Bartholomew can read her thoughts, and knows just how to make her body react.

Can Frankie keep her wits about her and serve at his feet without falling for him, or will Master Amazing steal both her heart and her soul in one steamy night of servitude?


MuseItUp Publishing  |  Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  Coffee Time Romance

Bookstrand  |  All Romance eBooks  |  KOBO  |  Smashwords

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