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Six Sentence Sunday: Just a Little Something #sixsunday


I am a little behind schedule this week, so the Sunday Six for me this time is from a WIP fantasy story that I am really hoping to complete before the end of the year. Comments and thoughts are always welcome. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Concentrating with her one good eye, she [Ana] looked around the chamber. A single torch near the heavy metal door gave the chamber its only light. The large stone room contained four rotted and stained mattresses, one in each corner. The rest of the room lay vacant, except for a small wooden table on wheels a dozen feet from where she’d been chained, and the squeaking rodents scurrying from dark corner to dark corner. Ana strained to see what the cart held, but it was on her left and she couldn’t make out more than its basic shape. In the absence of facts, her mind raced with sinister possibilities.

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