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T is for Take Over: My Daughter, Casey Takes Over The Blog #atozchallenge #blogging #poetry

I am a proud Mama today because T is for Take Over, and my 17yr old daughter, Casey Hart has agreed to be the taker.

Casey is a high school senior heading to college in the fall. Besides being an amazing daughter, she’s a budding poet, and has graciously agreed to let me feature one of her original poems on the blog today.

This particular poem is aptly named Taken Over  (see what we did there?) 😛

by Casey Hart
The initial blow is nothing compared to the ache,
You fall even though you put everything at stake,
They don’t care they just take it all away,
Until you feel as though you must stay.
You think that maybe it’s just a phase,
But, years later you discover that it has lasted way too many days.
Suddenly, it gets pushed back into the depths of your brain,
But, you will always feel the pain.
You find yourself crying as you go to sleep,
It’s hard to understand how words could cut you so deep,
You cringe every time he walks through the door,
But, you cannot run; you’re stuck to the floor.
After months of waiting for the pain to go away,
You start to live life day by day,
That’s when you finally begin to dream again,
But, he pushes and prods you until you despise all men.
It was fun when it started but now you’re just scared,
You can’t remember the last time you even cared.
This situation engulfs your entire life,
‘Til you’re ready to end it; all it takes is a knife.
That’s when your brain shuts right down,
Nothing cheers you up; you’re always wearing a frown.
Thoughts of suicide take over your brain,
You convince yourself that you would feel no more pain.
Your life is over; your heart just won’t quit beating,
Your insides feel like they’re always bleeding.
Your liver, your heart, your kidneys, your spleen,
Are yearning to end this wretched scene.
It never goes away, even when you’re free,
It’s waiting for you,
it’s waiting…
for me.
Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on the poem. Casey was looking forward to knowing what “real people” thought about the piece.
Happy Monday!

Book Review: Becoming: The Life and Musings of a Girl Poet

Becoming: The Life & Musings of a Girl Poet
Becoming: The Life & Musings of a Girl Poet by Nadia Janice Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first time I have read a book of poetry cover to cover, and the first time I have reviewed poetry. In general, it tends to not be “my thing”, but I have to admit I really enjoyed many of the poems included in the book. There is a nice mix of the personal, the general and the spiritual in BECOMING — something for everyone from a poetry perspective. Many of the pieces have a definite female take, but I am one, so that didn’t bother me. 🙂

I also liked that I never felt “out of the loop” when reading these poems. I had no trouble following the language or understanding the symbolism being used, which can sometimes be a problem with the poets I have read previously.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys poetry.

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Poetry Anyone?

I got this notification in one of my email newsletters. While I am not a poet, I thought since there is no fee to enter, some of you out there may be interested in this one. Cash Prize!


10th annual free contest. Fifteen cash prizes totaling $3,600.
Top prize $1,500. Submit one humor poem by April 1 deadline.
No entry fee. Winning entries published online. Final judge:
Jendi Reiter. Sponsored by Winning Writers, proud to be one
of the “101 Best Websites for Writers” (Writer’s Digest, 2005- 2010).
Guidelines and online submission at

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