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#CalienteBlogHop: You tell me what’s hot. #Erotic #BDSM #Giveaway

Caliente Blog Hop

Welcome to the Book Nook for my little corner of the Caliente Blog Hop, brought to you by the Four Seduced Muses. I have been looking forward to this particular hop because it not only gives me the chance to meet and hopefully earn a few new followers, the rules for this one were super simple, and right up my alley. Just make the post HOT.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to share some short snippets from three of my erotic stories. Each is available in eBook at Amazon and various other retailers, but what I want to know from all of you stopping in, is which excerpt do you think is the HOTTEST. You can vote for your choice in the comments along with your email address to qualify to WIN the prize I’m offering here. The Four Muses will also be offering a GRAND PRIZE (includes eBooks, gift cards and swag) to one lucky hopper.

What’s hotter than that?

Okay, first I will give you the excerpts, and then give you the links and rules for entering to WIN.

Excerpt #1 (from BLOOD AND FIRE):

Once he’d maneuvered a right turn off the ramp, he glanced at me. “Open your legs, kitten. I want to taste my pussy.”

His words burned into my consciousness like a shot of tequila down my throat. My cheeks reflected the heat as I uncrossed my ankles and separated the heeled boots as far apart as the car’s seating allowed. Once I sucked air into my lungs, my tongue peeked out to moisten my lips.

Kevin reached across. Eyes on the road, his hand settled on my knee, slid up my thigh with torturous slowness, and stopped just short of my throbbing prize. He deftly took a left turn while his warm palm rested near my slick opening–unmoving–teasing me with its resistance to explore further.

Excerpt #2 (from FAITH’S GIFT):

She strained against his wristlock, tried to move closer to him.

“Patience,” he warned, holding her in place. “Good things come to those who wait.”

Frustration wormed its way into her chest. “You started it.”

Richard chuckled and released her. “True enough. But, I’m afraid you’re in over your head. I’m having terribly impure thoughts at the moment.”

She flashed a teasing grin. “Like?”

He inched closer, his voice coming just above a whisper. “Like blindfolding you and tying you spread eagle on my bed so I can take my time tasting every inch of you.” He reached up and tucked a long strand of chestnut from her flushed face. “That would be a fair start.”

Her stomach tightened into a knot.

Excerpt #3 (from A LEAP OF FAITH) — releases May 15, 2013

“Tell me, do you bruise easily?”

It took her a few moments to fully comprehend his words. “Uh…I’m not sure. I don’t think so.” She was fairly certain she didn’t want to know why he would ask something like that.

“I’m surprised, considering the paleness of your complexion.” Richard grabbed a handful of round cheek in each hand and pulled them apart. “I could play with you for hours.” He released her. “I’m sure you don’t mind.”

Before she could answer, he swirled a teasing digit around her brown eye, scattering her thoughts. He gathered up some of her creamy goodness and stuffed it into the hungry hole. “Have you ever had your ass fucked?”

Faith recalled Sebastian’s fumbling efforts to take her ass and shook her head. “No, Sir.”

“Such a waste. We should fix that.

Okay. Now that I have you all worked up, it’s time to tell you how you can win the prizes being offered for the Hop.

To enter to WIN the GRAND PRIZE visit FOUR SEDUCED MUSES and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway on their site. You can click there name above or HERE to jump over there now and enter.

LINKY LIST of Participating Blogs (make sure to share the love and enter to win bunches of great prizes)

* * * * * * 

For my part of the Blog Hop, I am offering a $10 Amazon gift card to one lucky entrant. To enter for your chance to win, just comment below and tell me which of the three excerpts above you think is the hottest and why. Don’t forget to tell me why, though, or I’ll have to disqualify your entry.

That’s it. I won’t make you follow this blog or my Facebook or Twitter pages.

But, if you want to, I certainly won’t discourage you. *wink*

“Like” Bex Book Nook on Facebook

Follow R. Brennan on Twitter

Yup. That’s right. I’m serious. No hoops for this one. Just one simple question. But… (always a but, right?) be sure to leave your email address with your entry so I can contact you should you be selected as the winner.

Looking forward to seeing which snippet you all think is the hottest. And, if you are interested in purchasing any of the stories featured in this post, just click the covers on the right sidebar to visit their respective purchase sites.

Thanks so much for spending some time with me today. It was a pleasure having you over.

Happy hopping!!

Upcoming Events Update: So Much Happening Lately #writing #events

I would have thought June would be my busiest month of the year, being my novel released during the month and that was just the beginning of summer — the busiest time of year for a working mom. But for me, it appears the months of October, November and December will be my busiest of the year.

This is what I have in the hopper. Im really hoping to see some of you at these events. Would love to meet you all. 🙂


Oct. 18-21, 2012Albacon (Fantasy and Sci-Fi Convention) – Latham, NY

My Schedule for Albacon:

Thursday, October 18 – Registration, Writer’s Reception

Friday, October 19 – Writer’s Workshop All Day

Saturday, October 20 – Various Panels and Events (see below):

11:00am – Panel: Anything Good on TV? — What TV shows are worth watching this year.

1:00pm – Reading: Call of the Sea

3:00pm – Panel: Happily Ever After — Is it true that readers don’t want upbeat stories, or is it just harder to sell them?

4:00pm – Autographing Session (copies of Call of the Sea will be available for purchase at the Flights of Fantasy dealers table)

6:00pm – Panel: Strong female characters who don’t need guns (yes, I call this the Ellie panel:P) — Can a heroine be compassionate and cool?

October 19, 2012Inkspell Publishing will be offering signed copies of Call of the Sea for sale ONLY on their website ALL DAY. If you wanted a signed copy and live nowhere near me, this is the way to get it!


November 13th – Author Talk/Reading – Battenkill Books, Cambridge, NY

For more detailed information about this local event, please visit the Battenkill Books website.


This month will be all about my erotica alter-ego R. Brennan as she will have three different stories debuting in December.

Blood and Fire (MuseItUp Publishing) – Set for Release Dec, 2012

Routine Maintenance – Included in the Felt Tips Charity Anthology – Set for Release 12/12/12 (7th Circle Press)

Faith’s Gift – Included in Christmas Kink Anthology – Set for Release in Dec 2012 (Evernight Publishing)

Just a few reasons for me to get excited about the colder months… and believe me, I need all the reasons I can get. Winter… Brrrrrrrr

Bex Book Nook New Facebook Fan Giveaway: Enter to Win! #freebie

In an ongoing marketing effort, I am trying out some new promotional avenues. One of which, is my first blog giveaway. Enter to win a free eBook copy of my steamy erotic short, ACE in the Hole. It’s simple to qualify. Just answer a basic question and visit my facebook page and “Like” it.

That’s all you need to do. Simple, right?

You would think 😛
Because WordPress  does not allow for the posting of Javascripts, please visit the link below to enter.

I want to ENTER the Facebook Follower Giveaway!!

Good luck!

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