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A Leap of Faith Contracted by Evernight Publishing #RosesandThorns #BDSM @evernightpub

Now that the ink is dry on the contract, I can shout my good news from the rooftops without fear of jinxing myself.

*happy wiggling*

A LEAP OF FAITH, the sequel to FAITH’S GIFT (Vanilla-Free Christmas) and the beginning of my “Roses and Thorns” series has been contracted by Evernight Publishing for tentative release in May 2013.

I’m over the moon excited to be working with Evernight on my first solo release with their fantastic and growing publishing house.

To celebrate the great news, I thought I would offer you a little tidbit from each of the stories, and hopefully get you all as excited as I am about the new release.

From FAITH’S GIFT (Vanilla-Free Christmas):

He led her back down the hall off of the living room, but instead of entering his bedroom as Faith had anticipated, Richard stopped at the door to the storage room across the hall. He unlocked the door with a tiny silver key he removed from his shorts pocket and pushed it open. “Ladies first.”

Faith took a few tentative steps into the darkened room.

Richard followed her inside and flicked on the light.

The first thing to capture Faith’s attention was the giant black cross positioned directly across from the door. There were leather straps on both sides and at the bottom. Beside it sat a padded sawhorse with a kneeler, and next to that was a table similar to one you might find in a doctor’s office. On the wall were black and silver instruments of all types and sizes; some she recognized, most she didn’t.

Fear tickled the hair on her arms. She took a step backward, coming in contact with Richard’s chest.

“Don’t be afraid,” he soothed, voice soft at her ear. His arms slipped around her waist. “I know you aren’t ready for most of the toys in here. We’re just here to grab a few things.”

Faith stared at the barbed whip hanging on the wall beside the cross. *Hopefully not that.*

He nibbled at her earlobe, scattering her thoughts. “We’ll take things slow and easy so you can learn to trust me.”

His lips were driving her mad. Faith tilted her head, giving him unfettered access to her throat.

Richard’s teeth played havoc with coherent thought. His words vibrated along her pulse. “I’ll take that as a ‘Yes, Sir’.” He released his hold on her waist and headed to a wall of hanging chain and leather. He removed a thin black studded collar from its peg. He glanced over his shoulder. “Come here.”

I can’t certainly understand why readers have taken such a shine to Richard. Just the right amount of dominance, sarcasm and charm. Here is a bit more of Richard — this time from the new story, A LEAP OF FAITH.

Not quite ready to face the realities of dawn, she snuggled deeper into the covers, inhaled a lungful of his spicy scent, and pressed her eyes closed.

When she opened them again, her gaze locked with Richard, who sat reclined against the headboard. Had he been watching her sleep? She moved to sit up, cheeks heating.

Richard held her in place, a smile lighting his features. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Sorry, I was just…”

“Just nothing. I’m not done admiring your beauty quite yet. The black leather collar suits you, pet.”

A tiny smile tugged at the corner of her lips, but before she could thank him, Richard swiped the blankets away with a quick jerk, exposing her nudity, and letting all the trapped heat out from under them.

Faith squealed, wrapped her arms around her bared breasts and rolled into him, Burying her face against his chest, she gave an exaggerated shiver. “Too cold.”

“It’s like eighty degrees in here.”

She peeked up at him. “It was until you let all the heat out of the covers.”

He reached between her arms and tweaked a nipple. “Don’t worry. You’ll warm up while you’re making the coffee. You know where everything is, yes?”

She shivered and glanced across the room at the bedroom door. “It’s so far away.”

His laughter warmed her some. “You’ll survive. I like mine black, one sugar.” He gave her behind a pinch. “Hop to it. The sooner it’s done, the sooner you can return to the warm covers.” A teasing light danced in his eyes. “And, more importantly, me.”

Faith bowed her lips into a pretty pout. “May I have a kiss to keep me warm during my journey to the harsh and frozen realm of ceramic kitchen tiles?”

“How can I refuse you when you ask so nicely, fair maiden?” He gripped her chin, his sweet mouth descending towards hers. A hair’s breath from reaching her parted lips, Richard hesitated. “What do you say?”

“Please?” she begged.

He captured her mouth with his, heating Faith to her toes in the space of an instant, and scattering her thoughts like autumn leaves in a brisk wind.

She melted against him, whimpering when his tongue invaded and teased hers, taunting it to join in his erotic dance. Her hands slid up his toned pectorals on their way to encircle his neck.

Richard captured her wrists, stopping her timid advance in its tracks. He drew his hot lips away, leaving her breathless. “Oh, no you don’t. Nice try, little minx. Coffee first. Your reward comes afterward.”

Well, did it work? Are you just excited as excited for release day as I am? I’m sure you all realize I will do my best to keep you informed as things progress.


Feel free to comment or share your thoughts below. 🙂

NOTE: If you are an erotic book reviewer and are interested in receiving an ARC copy for review, just drop me an email at rbrennanerotica (at) yahoo (dot) com and I will add you to the list for when the ARC’s are complete.


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