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#SexySnippets: Meet Master Bartholomew #BloodandFire #Erotic #Horror #BDSM

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Welcome back for another week if Sexy Snippets, where we post seven steamy sentences from a WIP or published work. With vacation last week, I didn’t get a chance to visit with the other participants last week, and I really missed my weekly dose of teasers. Not this Sunday. Yay me 🙂

Blood and Fire CoverFor my posting this week, I’ve decided to dip back into Blood and Fire, and bring you all a little taste of the dark, sexy and extremely dominant, Bartholomew Andrews to you all. Here is seven sentences from BLOOD AND FIRE featuring Master Bartholomew, or as Frankie has aptly nicknamed him, “Master Amazing”. You’ll have to let me know in the comments if you agree with her or not.

 The desperate swing of my gaze froze when it caught on the nearby dais.

Beside the St Andrew’s Cross, at the top of the marble stairs, stood the most perfect man I’d ever seen. Hooded by thick lashes any woman would envy, eyes the color of a summer sky scanned the crowded room from beneath a wild mop of jet black curls.

My gaze slid down his smooth chiseled chest, over a washboard stomach, and focused on the silver belt buckle topping his black trousers. It shimmered beneath the flashing strobes, drawing my attention while hiding what I hungered to see most. My eyes swept back to his glorious face, eager to devour more of his dark beauty.

I met with Master Amazing’s penetrating stare.

A gasp tore from my throat.

Mmm…mmm.mmmmmm Tasty vittles, I tell ya.

To read more about Bartholomew, grab a copy of Blood and Fire, available at the retailers below.

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Happy Sunday!

#SexySnippets: Called to Serve #erotic #BDSM #Horror #BloodandFire

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Once again, my Sunday post is just a bit late. I’m still getting used to posting up for UK times as many of the authors involved are from there.
Promise I will get better as we go 🙂

This week’s snippet is brought to you by my most recent erotic release, Blood and Fire.

His strong fingers gripped my chin. “Look at me, Frankie.”

I flexed and unflexed my fingers like a pressure release valve as I lifted my eyes to his. The intensity of his gaze tied my squirming guts into a knot.

“Bartholomew would like you to join him this evening.” Kevin’s tone matched his eyes. He expected no argument.

Blood and Fire is a dark erotica/erotic horror story featuring BDSM and D/s elements.

Blood and Fire Cover Description:  College student, Francesca Morgan has finally met the Dominant man of her dreams. Kevin Stevenson is sexy, sure of himself, and knows just how to make her knees quake.

When he takes Frankie to her first fetish party, she is reminded being collared means her Master can do what he wishes with her, including offering her “services” for the evening to a Dominant business associate he is trying to impress.

It doesn’t take long for Frankie to realize their host, Bartholomew Andrews is nothing like any Dom she has ever served. Aside from his devastating looks and heaping financial fortune, Bartholomew can read her thoughts, and knows just how to make her body react.

Can Frankie keep her wits about her and serve at his feet without falling for him, or will Master Amazing steal both her heart and her soul in one steamy night of servitude?


MuseItUp Publishing  |  Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  Bookstrand
All Romance eBooks  |  Coffee Time Romance  |  Kobo  |  Smashwords

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#SexySnippets: A Leap of Faith #erotic #BDSM #Romance

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Ahh Sunday… and once again I scramble to get my post up because I can’t seem to schedule them properly.

This week’s snippet is from the next installment in my Roses and Thorns series, A LEAP OF FAITH.

A contented grin pulled at her lips as Richard settled her back against the mattress.

He moved with her, hips fused to hers, seemingly unwilling to remove the rod still sheathed in her warm, quivering pussy, which suited her just fine. Richard smiled down at her, melting Faith into a puddle of delight. His index finger traced along her shoulder. “Too many nights like this one, and I may never let you go home.”

Flabbergasted by her body’s reaction to his words, a giddy chuckle bubbled from her. “Oh, the horror.”

This story is currently in submission. Things are looking positive, but until the ink is dry on the contract, I’m keeping my lips sealed.

Be sure to stop by the other sites offering SEXY SNIPPETS this week.

Happy Sunday!

#SexySnippets: More flavor from the #WIP #BDSM #Erotic

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Welcome to the Book Nook for another installment of SEXY SNIPPETS, where we share 7 steamy sentences from a recent release or WIP.

I’ve decided to share a piece from the erotic romance follow-up to my anthology story, Faith’s Gift. I just finished the first draft of this one last night. I had been using a working title of A Test of Faith for it, but I’ve changed things up and I think I am going with the title: FAITH AND TRUST (I’m letting it ruminate a bit – not sure I’m in love with that yet).

I’ll be subbing it to Evernight Publishing over the coming days in the hopes they will accept it for their Romance on the Go line. (Hope I didn’t jynx myself)

Here is just a little teaser picked out especially for all you Richard Halstead fans out there.

Fingertip vices closed over her nipples and stretched them taut.

Faith gasped as lightning struck the hardened nubs.

“So responsive,” Richard breathed while his fingers twisted and pulled. He released her breasts, and leaned over her. His chiseled, bare chest brushed over the sensitive peaks as he settled over her, his cock teased her wet opening. “It’s Master’s turn.” He pulled the blindfold from her eyes.

*grins* I REALLY wanted to give you all just one more sentence… Richard’s response was stellar, but, alas, rules are rules. Maybe, I’ll give it to you next week. 🙂

Love to know what you think. Feel free to share. Oh, and if you have a title suggestion, or love the one I am using, I’d like to know that, too. 😛

Be sure to click the link in this sentence, or the banner at the top of the post and swing by the other blogs offering SEXY SNIPPETS this week. Just be sure you have something handy to cool yourself off with. *winks*

Happy Sunday!

#SexySnippets: A Taste of My Current WIP #Erotic #BDSM

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Welcome to another installment of Sexy Snippets. Sorry for my late posting this morning. I had a little bit of trouble getting up and moving this Sunday.

But, without further delay, here are my seven sentences for this week, brought to you from my current WIP, A Test of Faith (WT). In this scene, Richard is enjoying an evening with his new submissive, Faith.

Led by the leash, Faith crawled forward a few feet.

“Here is good.” Richard crouched down, pulled the chain taut, and attached the end to something on the floor, trapping her in place. He tested the chain, giving it a yank to ensure it wouldn’t pull free from whatever he’d tethered her to.

Faith had enough room to move her head slightly left or right, but she couldn’t lift it higher than her shoulders and she couldn’t back up. A sense of helplessness washed over her, stealing her breath. Her heart thundered against her ribcage.

Thanks for stopping in for a visit. Be sure to swing by the other blogs participating in SEXY SNIPPETS this week.

#SexySnippets: New Adventures For Faith and Richard #Erotic #erorom #Ds #BDSM

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Happy Sunday and welcome to my little corner of Sexy Snippets. Where we share seven sentences from a published work or WIP.

This week, I started writing a sequel to Faith’s Gift, my story in Evernight Publishing’s Vanilla-Free Christmas Anthology. Here’s a small taste to tantalize you this day of rest and rejuvenation.

In this snippet, Richard and Faith are enjoying an evening together. Faith is currently collared and blindfolded.

NOTE: The below excerpt is for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.

His whisper came low and husky in her ear, puckering her nipples. “Hands and knees, pet. It’s time for dinner.”

Curiosity danced with fear as Faith lowered to her knees, leaned forward and pressed her palms to the carpet. It took effort to keep her breathing even as she waited in the black silence. Her skin tingled in anticipation of his touch. With no panties to absorb her arousal, moisture slicked her inner thighs.

Mmmm…mmm… Gotta love that Richard Halstead. 🙂 I know I do.

What do you think? I love feedback, so feel free to share your thoughts below.

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Thanks for coming by and happy Sunday!

#SexySnippets: Time to Heat Things Up #erotic #Ds #BDSM

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Welcome back to the Book Nook for another installment of Sexy Snippets. This week, I’ve decided to heat things up with a tiny teaser from my story from Vanilla Free Christmas, FAITH’s GIFT, since I am working on a longer follow up tale with a much naughtier bent.

THIS EXCERPT IS FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. You have been warned — in all CAPS, no less. 🙂

“You’re absolutely gorgeous when you’re in pain. A wonderful surprise for me, but quite dangerous for you.”

She stiffened. Would he really hurt her? To that point, even the things he’d done to her that had caused pain had also brought intense pleasure.

Richard stroked her cheek. “Don’t panic, lamb. I’m too set on fucking you at the moment to do much else.”

I have to agree with the ladies. Richard makes my knees wobbly. What do you think? I love comments and feedback, so feel free to share your thoughts.

Make sure you visit with the others offering SEXY SNIPPETS this week.

Happy Sunday.

#SexySnippets: A Peak at the First Time #erotica #BDSM

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Today I decided I would share a bit of my piece from Vanilla-Free Christmas, Faith’s Gift. I’ve been working on plotting a follow up story featuring tasty NYC Dom, Richard Halstead and his new submissive, Faith Daniels.

In this snippet,  Richard has brought Faith into his “special room” for the first time so he can “grab a few things…

“And I just say that if I want you to stop?” She cast a worried glance at the giant cross.

“Yes.” Richard tested the collar’s length around her throat, turned back to the wall, removed a different one, and repeated the process. “Lift your hair for me.”

She did as instructed, and he placed the collar around her neck. She put her chin to her chest so he could fasten the buckle.

Can’t wait to dive into more from Richard and Faith. How bout you?

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Hope to see you again next week 🙂

#SexySnippets: The Three Ds of Animal Attraction #BloodandFire #snippet

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Welcome to the blog for another installment of Sexy Snippets. I’ve been thinking about this a bit, and I owe you all a bit of an apology. Being the title of this themed post is “SEXY” snippets, I should be posting some sexier tidbits (to avoid using snippets again – writer issues).

To that end, I have changed things up.


Rather than posting an excerpt from my current WIP, since the MCs haven’t moved to the sexy part of their relationship yet, I decided I would give you seven steamy sentences from my most recent erotic release, BLOOD AND FIRE.

I absolutely loved writing Bartholomew, the hunky hero in this dark tale. He is one of my favorite fictional men. Dark and dangerous — oh, and dominant. Hehe — the three Ds of animal attraction.

Anyway, here’s the snippet 🙂

Frozen dread had seized me by the time Bartholomew laid me on the satin sheets with gentleness. His gossamer wings blocked my view of the carnage, the truth he’d allowed me to see. Anger churned in the pit of my stomach as I looked up at him.

Bartholomew shook his head, dark eyes bottomless. “No, no, my love. That fate is not for you.”

I concentrated on the concern etched on his brow, the sound of the air rushing in and out of my lungs, the beat of my heart–anything to blot out the visions of death that tried to burn poison into my soul.

One of my favorite parts of the story. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂

Be sure to stop by the SEXY SNIPPETS page and visit with the other authors offering some steamy Sunday treats for you all. Who knows, you just may find your next favorite author.

Happy Sunday!

#SexySnippets From Destiny’s Trial: A #Machenwood Tale #fantasy #romance #WIP

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Welcome back to the blog for another installment of Sexy Snippets. Thanks for coming 🙂

The idea here is to share seven sentences from a work in progress, so I will be posting clips from an erotic fantasy romance series titled DESTINY’S TRIAL. In today’s clip, Jyslin (our heroine) is reacting to her first encounter with a Lupine, one of the many races in Machenwood.

Jyslin did her best to ignore the far too attractive, amber-eyed stranger and trudged ahead. While she had a rudimentary knowledge of the races and peoples outside of Etheria, she’d never actually met a Lupine before and the experience left her confused and light-headed. His presence made the hair on the back of her neck stand up and her heart race. She wondered briefly if he would look as carnally eye-catching in his wolf form.


She forced her thoughts back to the tasks she had left to accomplish before sunset. A shelter wouldn’t build itself and she’d already lost so much precious daylight.

Be sure and swing by the other blogs offering snippets today. You can either hit the link here: SEXY SNIPPETS BLOG or you can click on the image at the top of this post.

Who knows, you might just find your next favorite author in the mix.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the piece I posted. Comments rule 🙂 so please feel free to share, or just say hello.

~Happy Sunday!

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