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#Sexy Snippets from #CampTortuga: Dance, anyone? #WIP #Erotic

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Welcome to my better late than never Sexy Snippets post for this week. With the holiday, I didn’t get a chance to schedule this post ahead of time, so I am coming to you love from a chilly and rainy weekend at my campsite in Upstate NY, I’ve dubbed Camp Tortuga.

This week’s snippet comes from my current erotic WIP, which doesn’t have a title yet, but will be part of what I am calling the Catacombs series. The story is set in England in 1720, so a historical.

The main character, Justine has recently arrived to work at Chauncey House, and this is her first experience with the private parlor behind the dining hall, an area she has been barred from entering. Until now.

Here are my seven unedited first draft sentences.

Eleanor danced closer, her hand sliding down her body as her eyes locked on Evan. She grabbed hold of one of the lengths of colored silk and pulled it free. She tossed the fluff of pink into the air above his head, and danced away with a teasing smile as the material fluttered down to settle in his lap. Another twirl and a few swaying steps in the other direction, and Eleanor pulled free another strip of silk, this time wrapping the ends around the neck of one of the salon’s male patrons. She used the scarf to pull the man to her. She kissed his cheek and released one end of the cloth while pulling it free of his shoulders with the other. Holding the end, she twirled on one foot.

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#SexySnippets: The First Encounter #WIP #Erotic #Romance

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Welcome back for another week of Sexy Snippets. Today I have decided to share a bit from one of my WIP’s — this one has a working title of THE CATACOMBS and is an historical erotic romance. The story is still in its beginning stages, and the snippet presented is part of the first draft (so be gentle :P)

Here are your seven sentences from THE CATACOMBS:

“Do you know them all?”

Alice glared a warning and shushed her.

Cringing, Justine swung her attention back to the arched dining hall entrance. Her pulse raced.

A group of four stood in the wide doorway, three men and a woman, all handsomely dressed, but Justine’s attention was too focused on the all male specimen in the center of the group to notice anything more about his companions.

The interesting stranger’s chestnut curls, tied back in a fashionable queue, measured a head taller than the other two men, and his dark suit accentuated a chiseled, healthy physique. Keen, hazel eyes tucked behind a fringe of thick lashes swept the room and settled on her.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the snippet below. I love comments 🙂

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Until next week…

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