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#MySexySaturday: Seven Paragraphs of Steamy Goodness From Me to You #erotic #BDSM #Dark


Welcome to the Book Nook and thanks for stopping by for my first Sexy Saturday post. I am hoping to make this a weekly blog feature. Let’s just hope I can stick to that. Sometimes the best laid plans…

Anyway, the idea behind this particular feature is to post 7 paragraphs, sentences or words from a WIP or published work. This week I’ve decided to feature seven paragraphs from a published work — my erotic horror novella, BLOOD AND FIRE.

Here is my teaser for this week:

Rock music filled my ears as we stepped into the large, open space. The scent of sex and leather permeated the air. Massive crystal chandeliers hung from the twenty-foot ceiling. The tiny prisms caught strobe lights stationed throughout the room cast redacted rainbows onto the walls. A giant circular fountain presented a well-endowed statue of a male angel–like the ones at the front walk–dominated the center of the gymnasium sized room. The winged man stood with his arms and face lifted to the sky. A steady stream of water arched from his insanely large manhood into the shimmering pool.

The entire space swam with humanity. One mass gyrated on the lighted floor at the base of two ten foot speakers. The dancers, in every conceivable manner of fetish gear–some naked like me–writhed and ground against one another. A man crawled past on his mistresses leash sporting a studded collar and a headpiece of floppy dog ears. A butt plug with an attached tail wagged to and fro.

Kevin moved further into the crowd. The short leash set my brisk pace as I followed behind. We passed a live incarnation of the Monopoly man, complete with top hat and monocle, but instead of a suit, he wore an adult diaper. I sucked in a breath, yanking my open-mouthed gaze from the black hat bobbing through the crowd, as leather brushed across my nipples.

The scruffy, round man I bumped into flashed a grin and grabbed a handful of my ass.

With a shiver of revulsion, I gulped and scurried to keep up with Kevin.

Fetish stations lined the walls. A small group surrounded a naked man strapped to a spanking bench, where a woman in a vinyl cat suit worked his ass with a large glass dildo. Naked cocktail servers, male and female, carried drink-laden trays high over their heads. At the far end of the room marble steps rose to a red-carpeted dais with a St Andrew’s cross at its center. The spotlight at its base cast an eerie shadow on the overlooking stained glass windows. As I trailed behind Kevin, the cross drew my eyes. I wondered what it would be like to be strapped to it, have everyone’s eyes on me as a flogger kissed my back and burned welts down my ass and thighs. My heel caught in a tile crack, and I stumbled sideways–the jerk on my throat returned my attention to the present.

Kevin glanced back. “Stay with me, kitten.” He seemed to have a specific location in mind as he weaved his way through the maze of flesh and leather. He came to a halt at a collection of couches at the right of the carpeted dais.

Now that I have you all curious and foaming for more (or something like that), here are the details on the work:

Blood and Fire Cover

Blood and Fire

Genre: Erotic Horror (BDSM)
Publisher: MustItUp Publishing

Blurb: College student, Francesca Morgan has finally met the Dominant man of her dreams. Kevin Stevenson is sexy, sure of himself, and knows just how to make her knees quake.

When he takes Frankie to her first fetish party, she is reminded being collared means her Master can do what he wishes with her, including offering her “services” for the evening to a Dominant business associate he is trying to impress.

It doesn’t take long for Frankie to realize their host, Bartholomew Andrews is nothing like any Dom she has ever served. Aside from his devastating looks and heaping financial fortune, Bartholomew can read her thoughts, and knows just how to make her body react.

Can Frankie keep her wits about her and serve at his feet without falling for him, or will Master Amazing steal both her heart and her soul in one steamy night of servitude?


MuseItUp Publishing  |  Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  Coffee Time Romance

Bookstrand  |  All Romance eBooks  |  KOBO  |  Smashwords

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