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Back in the Swing with a Mid-Week Tease #MWTease #Erotic #WIP


I am starting to get myself back in the swing of things… meaning I have found some time to get back to posting a bit more regularly on the blog here — Yes, I know you all missed me SOOO much — right?

Today, my little teaser comes to you from a WIP I have had shelved while I concentrated on Roane Publishing matters. But, like all good stories, I can hear the MC’s beckoning me from afar, so I will be getting back into this tale shortly.

Today’s snipit comes to you from a little shifter tale I have in the works. This is one I actually forgot was even on my hard drive until I started looking for something to work on the other day. I started reading and decided it was not only good — I dont even remember starting it.  Well, maybe some of it I remember… like the hot male shifter, maybe *wink*

Anyway, here is my tease for you this week:

* * * *

The tantalizing scent of roasted vegetables tickled my senses, urging me to return from the edge of nothingness, and coaxing me to open my eyes. I regretted the action almost instantly. Light streamed in the open window to pierce my skull with its fiery rays of torture. Squinting, I lifted a hand to shield them. Pain sliced through me at the slight movement, causing me to suck a breath in through gritted teeth.

Memories rushed in. My last hunting trip as a free woman, the buck I’d shot, the angry wolf pack, piercing amber eyes laced with … concern?

“You’re awake. Excellent.”

I emitted a startled squeak, my head jerking in the direction of the decidedly masculine voice, muscles tensing. Pain jolted through my body at the movement, turning the squeal into a distressed moan.

“Easy now. I’ve stitched you up, but I can’t guarantee it’ll hold if you keep flopping about like a fish out of water.”

My death grip on the bed sheets loosened, and I relaxed back into the mattress through force of will, turning my head to face the unfamiliar, soft spoken voice.

Intense amber eyes stared down at me from beneath an unruly mop of obsidian waves.

“You!” The accusation slipped past my lips before I could stop it.

He glanced down, as if checking to ensure he was all still there. “Last time I checked.”

I followed his gaze downward, over a lightly furred, chiseled chest to a flat stomach before freezing on strong, nude hips.


I quickly turned my head and stared a hole in the wall beside the bed. “You’re naked.”

His chuckle sent a ripple of warmth through my body. “Aren’t you just Princess Obvious. Yes. I’m naked and yes, I’m me. Any other accusations you want to hurl before I feed you some of this broth I’ve been preparing especially for you?” He pointed to the kettle hanging beside a crackling fire, where I assumed the delectable stewed vegetable scent emanated from.

His sarcasm grated my nerves, and his nudity played havoc with my already tenuous mental state. “No, but if you were to fall into some breeches, I wouldn’t complain.”

“Somehow I find that difficult to believe.”

I snorted in a most unladylike manner. “Don’t flatter yourself.”


Yup, leave it to me to write a self centered, hot, male lead. Always gotta make them difficult. *grins* Would love to know what you think. Feel free to drop a comment below. Sharing is caring 🙂

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#SexySnippets: Digging through the writing notebook #Romance #Fantasy #sweet

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Welcome back for another installment of #SexySnippets. This week, rather than looking for something super hot and steamy, I would post seven sentences from a WIP I have had in the notebook for some time. It is a fantasy romance series, and more sweet than erotic (shocking, I know), but I am feeling sweet today, so sue me 😛

Besides, the male lead in this particular story is anything but sweet… more carnal… just the way I like them.

Here is my snippet for this week:

Domnu watched her [Jyslin] through narrow slits. Worry etched her brow and she sent regular glances his way. He hid his smile with effort. Her worry was for him, he was sure of it. The knowledge sent a shiver of arousal through his body, his lower half stirring.

Groaning inwardly, he clamped his lids shut and centered his attention on the pain slicing across his left pectoral.

Settle down, boy. Dying men don’t get aroused.

There ya have it. As always, feel free to share your thoughts on the snippet below and be sure to click the banner at the top of the post or this LINK here, and visit with the other sites offering snippets this weekend.

See you all next time 🙂

#SexySnippets: When the Master of the House Says No #Erotic #Romance #WIP

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That’s right blog followers, it is Sexy Snippets Sunday yet again, and since I managed to remember to sign up this week, I have seven steamy sentences to share with you today.

In an effort to spark my desire to write a bit more of this particular piece, I have decided to share seven sentences from a WIP I have going (one of many, as usual). The work doesn’t yet have a title, but it will be part of the new CATACOMBS series I have hatched in my dirty little brain.

Would love to know what you think.

“Where is she going?” Mister Chauncey asked.

“Helen told her to shadow me,” Alice cast a smile of reassurance at her [Justine]. “She said Justine should know what she’s getting herself into.”

“Did she now?” His slow, dark perusal swept over a nervous Justine from tip to toe, his eyes devouring her where she stood. “What if I say she isn’t ready, Alice?”

Alice lifted pale shoulders in a shrug. “Then she isn’t ready, sir.”

Thanks, as always, for stopping by and giving the snippet a read. I always appreciate the visits. Be sure to swing by the SEXY SNIPPETS site to find the list of this week’s participants and be sure to stop by and see them as well. You never know what you may find. Alternately, you can reach the Snippets site by clicking the banner at the top of the post.

See you next time 🙂

#SexySnippets: Sometimes Fairy Tales are Naughty. #WIP #Erotic #BDSM #Fairytale

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Welcome to another installment of #SexySnippets, where we get to share seven steamy sentences from a published work or WIP. This week I am sharing just a bit of my work in progress, Alice and the Eggs. That’s just a working title, but for now, it will have to do. The story is a fairy tale about a chicken farmer’s daughter and a prince with a dark side. I am just getting started with this one, so I haven’t written the “steamy” bits yet, but I’m hoping some of the sexual tension between the two characters shines through in this sample.

Here’s my tidbit for this week. Enjoy!

A shiver raced down her spine, but Alice refused to allow him to see her fear. “Then we have a deal?” She extended a hand, as much to seal their agreement as to put some space between them. He was far too close and seemed to be stealing all of the air. She had a hard time catching her breath.

Warm fingers encased hers, but the dark smile returned, chilling her to the bone. “Yes, my sweet Alice, I believe we do.”

I’d love to know what you think. Feel free to share your thoughts below, and stop by the Nuthouse Scribblers blog to find the list of participants for this week. You can click the Snippets button at the top of the post to get there.

See you next time.

#Sexy Snippets from #CampTortuga: Dance, anyone? #WIP #Erotic

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Welcome to my better late than never Sexy Snippets post for this week. With the holiday, I didn’t get a chance to schedule this post ahead of time, so I am coming to you love from a chilly and rainy weekend at my campsite in Upstate NY, I’ve dubbed Camp Tortuga.

This week’s snippet comes from my current erotic WIP, which doesn’t have a title yet, but will be part of what I am calling the Catacombs series. The story is set in England in 1720, so a historical.

The main character, Justine has recently arrived to work at Chauncey House, and this is her first experience with the private parlor behind the dining hall, an area she has been barred from entering. Until now.

Here are my seven unedited first draft sentences.

Eleanor danced closer, her hand sliding down her body as her eyes locked on Evan. She grabbed hold of one of the lengths of colored silk and pulled it free. She tossed the fluff of pink into the air above his head, and danced away with a teasing smile as the material fluttered down to settle in his lap. Another twirl and a few swaying steps in the other direction, and Eleanor pulled free another strip of silk, this time wrapping the ends around the neck of one of the salon’s male patrons. She used the scarf to pull the man to her. She kissed his cheek and released one end of the cloth while pulling it free of his shoulders with the other. Holding the end, she twirled on one foot.

Thanks, as always for stopping by and checking in with me. Be sure to swing by the SEXY SNIPPETS blog and visit with the other participants this week.

Happy Reading!

#WickedWednesday: Welcome to Chauncey House #erotic #WIP #BDSM


For this week’s Wicked Wednesday post, I decided to share something I am working on with you all. This story will be the beginning of a new series (I hope) and will be a Historical Erotic Romance (with BDSM elements, of course).

Here is a bit of a teaser from my WIP, The Catacombs:

“How long have you worked here, Helen?”

“Let me see…” The woman turned blue eyes toward the ceiling. “Uh…ever since my Henry passed, so…” She counted on her fingers. “Eighteen years now.” A nostalgic smile curled her lips. “Feels like a lifetime ago.” helen finished placing the utensils and joined Justine at the cart. “It’s time to get dressed for dinner. I’ve had a uniform in your size placed in your room, as well as a wash basin, and fresh water. Get yourself ready and I’ll collect you at six thirty.”

Justine headed for her quarters with a smile on her face. She’d worked hard all day, but Helen had treated her kindly, and the job didn’t seem to be too complicated. Plus, there’d been no mention of her bedding anyone. Her prospects were better than they’d been since her father’s death. There was a solid roof over her head and a warm pallet for her to sleep on.

Her sense of ease disintegrated when she got a look at what Helen had referred to as a uniform. It turned to abject horror when she actually tried the garment on.

While the dress had long fitted sleeves, that’s where all modesty ceased. The neckline plunged dangerously low and would most assuredly spill her assets onto the table when she bent to offer a tray of food to one of the evening’s diners. Her skirt, while full and relatively modest in the back, split wide in the front, offering an unfettered view of her legs from toe to mid thigh. She had stockings–black silk embroidered with a row of tiny black diamonds from anklebone to mid calf, but they only accentuated the expanse of exposed flesh at the top of the black, heeled boots.

Justine couldn’t imagine the harlots at the tavern down the street wearing less than she wore at that moment. She chewed her lower lip and paced the length of her room while she considered her options.

It was a short walk.

If she left Chauncey House, she’d be forced to the tavern, where the clientele was less than upstanding–or clean–and her room would most assuredly be shared with any number of other girls. And it wasn’t like she hadn’t known what Chauncey House was when she’d gone there. She could always hope this would be the worst of it. Her hands fretted each other at her waist until a knock at the door startled her out of her reverie.

Justine looked down at her outfit and sighed. “Come in.”

Helen pushed open the door, a bright smile plumping her cheeks. “Ready?”

“No, I’m not ready.” She threw her hands up. “Look at me. I can’t go out in public like this. Surely, I’ll cause a scandal dressed in…” She gathered up the fluffs of skirt at her hips and tossed it up for effect. “…whatever you call this thing. Do all of the other girls wear this, too?”

Helen frowned and appeared offended. “Well, of course not! They’ve all worked here for some time and wear much less than you. They aren’t allowed to cover their breasts at all and their skirts are split in the rear as well. The girls are proud of what they offer the guests and are anxious to prove their worth to their Benefactor. You’re in training. Your uniform shows your status in the household.” She chuckled. “Don’t look so surprised. Chauncey House is the most exclusive brothel in London, my dear, catering to the darker tastes of the most influential men, and women, in the world. We don’t allow just anyone to service our guests. You have a lot to learn, but you’re in very good hands. I’ve been teaching girls like you for a very long time.”

Interesting place, that Chauncey House…

As always, feel free to share your comments and thoughts on the piece. Love hearing from you.

Until next time…

#SexySnippets: The First Encounter #WIP #Erotic #Romance

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Welcome back for another week of Sexy Snippets. Today I have decided to share a bit from one of my WIP’s — this one has a working title of THE CATACOMBS and is an historical erotic romance. The story is still in its beginning stages, and the snippet presented is part of the first draft (so be gentle :P)

Here are your seven sentences from THE CATACOMBS:

“Do you know them all?”

Alice glared a warning and shushed her.

Cringing, Justine swung her attention back to the arched dining hall entrance. Her pulse raced.

A group of four stood in the wide doorway, three men and a woman, all handsomely dressed, but Justine’s attention was too focused on the all male specimen in the center of the group to notice anything more about his companions.

The interesting stranger’s chestnut curls, tied back in a fashionable queue, measured a head taller than the other two men, and his dark suit accentuated a chiseled, healthy physique. Keen, hazel eyes tucked behind a fringe of thick lashes swept the room and settled on her.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the snippet below. I love comments 🙂

Also, make sure you stop by the other blogs offering SEXY SNIPPETS this week. You never know when your new favorite author may be participating.

Until next week…

#SexySnippets: A Leap of Faith #erotic #BDSM #Romance

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Ahh Sunday… and once again I scramble to get my post up because I can’t seem to schedule them properly.

This week’s snippet is from the next installment in my Roses and Thorns series, A LEAP OF FAITH.

A contented grin pulled at her lips as Richard settled her back against the mattress.

He moved with her, hips fused to hers, seemingly unwilling to remove the rod still sheathed in her warm, quivering pussy, which suited her just fine. Richard smiled down at her, melting Faith into a puddle of delight. His index finger traced along her shoulder. “Too many nights like this one, and I may never let you go home.”

Flabbergasted by her body’s reaction to his words, a giddy chuckle bubbled from her. “Oh, the horror.”

This story is currently in submission. Things are looking positive, but until the ink is dry on the contract, I’m keeping my lips sealed.

Be sure to stop by the other sites offering SEXY SNIPPETS this week.

Happy Sunday!

#SexySnippets: More flavor from the #WIP #BDSM #Erotic

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Welcome to the Book Nook for another installment of SEXY SNIPPETS, where we share 7 steamy sentences from a recent release or WIP.

I’ve decided to share a piece from the erotic romance follow-up to my anthology story, Faith’s Gift. I just finished the first draft of this one last night. I had been using a working title of A Test of Faith for it, but I’ve changed things up and I think I am going with the title: FAITH AND TRUST (I’m letting it ruminate a bit – not sure I’m in love with that yet).

I’ll be subbing it to Evernight Publishing over the coming days in the hopes they will accept it for their Romance on the Go line. (Hope I didn’t jynx myself)

Here is just a little teaser picked out especially for all you Richard Halstead fans out there.

Fingertip vices closed over her nipples and stretched them taut.

Faith gasped as lightning struck the hardened nubs.

“So responsive,” Richard breathed while his fingers twisted and pulled. He released her breasts, and leaned over her. His chiseled, bare chest brushed over the sensitive peaks as he settled over her, his cock teased her wet opening. “It’s Master’s turn.” He pulled the blindfold from her eyes.

*grins* I REALLY wanted to give you all just one more sentence… Richard’s response was stellar, but, alas, rules are rules. Maybe, I’ll give it to you next week. 🙂

Love to know what you think. Feel free to share. Oh, and if you have a title suggestion, or love the one I am using, I’d like to know that, too. 😛

Be sure to click the link in this sentence, or the banner at the top of the post and swing by the other blogs offering SEXY SNIPPETS this week. Just be sure you have something handy to cool yourself off with. *winks*

Happy Sunday!

#SexySnippets: A Taste of My Current WIP #Erotic #BDSM

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Welcome to another installment of Sexy Snippets. Sorry for my late posting this morning. I had a little bit of trouble getting up and moving this Sunday.

But, without further delay, here are my seven sentences for this week, brought to you from my current WIP, A Test of Faith (WT). In this scene, Richard is enjoying an evening with his new submissive, Faith.

Led by the leash, Faith crawled forward a few feet.

“Here is good.” Richard crouched down, pulled the chain taut, and attached the end to something on the floor, trapping her in place. He tested the chain, giving it a yank to ensure it wouldn’t pull free from whatever he’d tethered her to.

Faith had enough room to move her head slightly left or right, but she couldn’t lift it higher than her shoulders and she couldn’t back up. A sense of helplessness washed over her, stealing her breath. Her heart thundered against her ribcage.

Thanks for stopping in for a visit. Be sure to swing by the other blogs participating in SEXY SNIPPETS this week.

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