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#SteamySunday: Because Charity begins at home… #excerpt #erotic #FELTTIPS


Welcome to another addition of Steamy Sunday, where each week I will share something I find STEAMY — could be an excerpt, an image, a story, you name it. If I think it has hotness, it could be included.

This week, in honor of the Thanskgiving holiday, I thought I would reach into the archives and share a steamy little excerpt form my short story, Routine Maintenance — which is part of the FELT TIPS office supply themed erotica anthology released by Tiffany Reisz (and 8th Circle Press) with all proceeds on the anthology sales being donated to charity.

My story is one of 44 (give or take) included in the anthology.

Here is a little tidbit from Routine Maintenance:

* * * *

Jacob absorbed the remaining air between them, drawing her into his embrace. His mouth crushed hers in a bruising kiss.

Kara melted against his chest, whimpered into his mouth.

Jacob ripped his molten lips away, leaving her dizzy and clinging. She could feel his steady heartbeat bouncing against her ribcage where their bodies still touched.

The smile pulling at his succulent lips sent a shiver along her arms and the blood thrumming through her veins. “What do you think? Do I?” he asked, voice low and husky.

Kara blinked, mind numb. “Think? Me?” I think you shouldn’t have stopped.

Jacob let out a soft chuckle.

The delicious sound trickled down her spine like warm honey, heating her from the inside out.  She stared at his lips, urging them to reclaim hers.

As if he heard her silent plea, Jacob’s lips fused with hers, scattering all thought. His fingers twined in the hair at her nape, gripped it tight.

Tingles shot through her limbs at the commanding touch. Kara pressed her body to his, anxious to follow wherever he planned to take her.

Still holding her in place with a handful of hair, Jacob leaned away, searched her face. “You have to be willing to ask for what you want, Kara.” He traced her jaw with a fingertip. “Can you do that for me?”

Confusion clouded her thoughts and heat flushed her cheeks. Could she? What exactly do I want? Kara took a deep breath and let the words out in a rush. “I want you to kiss me again.”

He grinned. “Good girl. Now, ask for it properly.”

Her stomach knotted at the prospect. “Ask?”

“Yes, you know what I want to hear, don’t you pet?” As a reminder of his control over her body, his hand tightened in her hair.

Despite the rush of fear careening through her body, Kara felt a stab of desire at the quiet command lacing his voice. “Will you please kiss me again?”

“That’s all you want? Another kiss?” he asked, brow arched. The grip on her hair loosened. “How disappointing.”

If you are interested in picking up a copy of FELT TIPS, you know, in the interest of charity and all that, you can grab a copy at any of these fine retailers (in Print or eBook):




Barnes and Noble



FELT TIPS Has a Cover! #FeltTips #erotica #charity

Just a few days before release and the office supply themed erotica anthology for charity, FELT TIPS finally has its official cover. I have to say it was worth the wait. I am just loving it!

What do you guys think?


Anthology Stories:

Jenny Lyn – Indelible
Karen Booth – Taking Dictation
Karen Stivali – Hard at Work
Heather Cole – The Saint of Office Hell
Blacksilk – Of Silver, Sin, and School Desks
Brittany Lawrence – Mine
Eric Andrew Satchwill – What Is It, Suzie?
Gwen Marie Porter – My New Office Chair
Amber Lin – Proof
Jason Darrick – Stapled
Kelly Jamieson – Getting Down to Business
AmyBeth Inverness – In the Closet
Rebecca Stewart – Special Delivery
Marie Wright – The Drawing
Sopphey Vance – Down to the Point
Lynne Silver – Doing it Write
Jillian Boyd – Mark Me
Shoshanna Evers – Tape
Alyssa Linn Palmer – Vee
Sandra Bunino – The Fountain Pen
Antonio Angelo – Trust Me
Lela Gwenn – Whiteboard
Xander Grimm – The Night Shift
Kiki Snow – The Benefits of Multitasking
R. Brennan – Routine Maintenance
Maxine Marsh – The Boss
Cara Ellyn – Private Message
Erin Danielle – All Marked Up
Lucy Felthouse – A Stroke of Peach
Anya Winter – The Server
Diana Cruz – A Rough Night at the Office
Emily Cale – A Planned Encounter
Patricia Correll – Theo’s Donation
Morgan Sierra – The Motion of the Ocean
Candice Bundy – Open Rack
K. Fish – The Antique
Memory Scarlett – Silky & Silvered
Michelle Ribaric – All Work & No Play
Stella Harris – Turnabout
Juliana Sliema – Caught
Jade Adkins – Embrace the Strength Inside
Amanda Fletcher – What Happens at STAPLES
Allie Sanders – Love Letters
Tiffany Reisz – Teacher’s Pet

All proceeds for this erotica anthology go to purchase school supplies for children and work clothes for adults seeking employment. Oh, and it’s the brain child of the glorious D/s diva and one of my idols, Ms. Tiffany Reisz, so be sure to add it to your TBR pile, and buy yourself a copy! Release date is 12/12/12 — easy to remember.


Upcoming Events Update: So Much Happening Lately #writing #events

I would have thought June would be my busiest month of the year, being my novel released during the month and that was just the beginning of summer — the busiest time of year for a working mom. But for me, it appears the months of October, November and December will be my busiest of the year.

This is what I have in the hopper. Im really hoping to see some of you at these events. Would love to meet you all. 🙂


Oct. 18-21, 2012Albacon (Fantasy and Sci-Fi Convention) – Latham, NY

My Schedule for Albacon:

Thursday, October 18 – Registration, Writer’s Reception

Friday, October 19 – Writer’s Workshop All Day

Saturday, October 20 – Various Panels and Events (see below):

11:00am – Panel: Anything Good on TV? — What TV shows are worth watching this year.

1:00pm – Reading: Call of the Sea

3:00pm – Panel: Happily Ever After — Is it true that readers don’t want upbeat stories, or is it just harder to sell them?

4:00pm – Autographing Session (copies of Call of the Sea will be available for purchase at the Flights of Fantasy dealers table)

6:00pm – Panel: Strong female characters who don’t need guns (yes, I call this the Ellie panel:P) — Can a heroine be compassionate and cool?

October 19, 2012Inkspell Publishing will be offering signed copies of Call of the Sea for sale ONLY on their website ALL DAY. If you wanted a signed copy and live nowhere near me, this is the way to get it!


November 13th – Author Talk/Reading – Battenkill Books, Cambridge, NY

For more detailed information about this local event, please visit the Battenkill Books website.


This month will be all about my erotica alter-ego R. Brennan as she will have three different stories debuting in December.

Blood and Fire (MuseItUp Publishing) – Set for Release Dec, 2012

Routine Maintenance – Included in the Felt Tips Charity Anthology – Set for Release 12/12/12 (7th Circle Press)

Faith’s Gift – Included in Christmas Kink Anthology – Set for Release in Dec 2012 (Evernight Publishing)

Just a few reasons for me to get excited about the colder months… and believe me, I need all the reasons I can get. Winter… Brrrrrrrr

Six Sentence Sunday: Sexy Sunday Steam #sixsunday #erotic

Welcome to another addition of Six Sentence Sunday. I took the past two weeks off from posting, so I hope you missed stopping by for a bit of saucyness (I have no idea if that is really a word – some writer, eh?)

Anyway, this week’s six comes to you from my erotic short, Routine Maintenance, which Tiffany Reisz has graciously included in an upcoming erotica anthology for charity called Felt Tips. I can’t wait to read it, personally as I have seen some of the buzz, and the included authors are “HAWT STUFF”.

Here’s a taste of ROUTINE MAINTENANCE (Mature Audiences Only):

Kara moved in time with Jacob’s hips, grunting with each long stroke. Nipples tight and back arched, she rose the waves of pleasure as they spiraled higher, taking her closer to the sun.

Jacob’s fingers dug into her waist, held her in place while his thrusts took her over to edge of passion’s cliff.

Body singing with molten bliss, Kara held on as long as she could. When the waves of excitement grew too strong for her to fight, she let go, her body convulsing in rhythmic ecstasy. She cried out her shuddering climax into the crook of her elbow to keep the rest of the office from hearing her release.

*waves a hand in front of her face* That should put a flush in a few cheeks this Sunday morning.

I always enjoy hearing what you think of these excerpts. Feel free to leave a comment or just a hello 🙂

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Until next time…

Bex out 😛

Six Sentence Sunday: I Love a Man Who Knows What He Wants #sixsunday

For this week’s sample, I decided to go with something that gets my motor running. A man who takes control. *licks lips* Tasty. Even if it is a little sinful for a Sunday post. These six are from my erotic short, Routine Maintenance.


Without making a sound, Jacob was behind her, his calloused hands sliding along her smooth skin, along the curve of her hips, up to cup her breasts. His breath fanned her cheek while his fingers pinched her taut nipples, sending shockwaves of pleasure through Kara’s limbs.

She arched her back, leaning her head against his chest. Her hands gripped his thighs as she succumbed to her need, lips parting to release a sigh.

“That’s my girl,” Jacob whispered against her ear. “Let go of your fear. Give yourself to me.”

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Six Sentence Sunday: Is it Hot in Here? #sixsunday #Felttips

Always one to keep with a theme, today’s six naughty sentences are brought to you by my recently completed short story, Routine Maintenance. Assuming, Ms. Reisz finds it acceptable, it will be included in the erotica charity anthology, FELT TIPS. This one is for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.

Your comments are always welcome.

Hands shaking, Kara unfastened the buttons of her blouse. Her pulse raced as she slipped the material from her shoulders and shrugged it off. She draped the shirt over the counter beside the copy machine.

“The bra, too. I want to see all of you,” Jacob instructed.

The quiet command in voice tightened her stomach into a smoldering knot of desire.

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Happy Sunday!

Six Sentence SINday: Typo Intended :P #sixsunday

For this week’s Six Sentence Sunday posting, I decided to give you a taste of my recently completed short story for the erotic anthology FELT TIPS, edited by the sexy and spunky erotic romance author, Tiffany Reisz. I hope you enjoy. MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.

Fair warning — this is a hot one 😛 Enjoy!

Body singing with molten bliss, Kara held on as long as she could. When the waves of excitement grew too strong for her to fight, she let go, her body convulsing in rhythmic ecstasy. She cried her climax into the crook of her elbow to keep the rest of the office from hearing her release.

As the throbbing between her thighs ebbed, Kara tried to calm her ragged breathing. Limbs quivering, she pushed her body away from the copy machine she’d been sprawled over, and turned to face Jacob. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t force her gaze up to meet his.

Yummy, that is all I have to say to that 😛

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Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday: From my current WIP for #Felttips

For this week’s Six Sentence Sunday (#sixsunday), I decided to stick with the story I posted from last week. This is a erotic short I am working on for the fabulous, Tiffany Reisz and her Felt Tips anthology.

The story still doesn’t have a title (Im so bad about that), but will hopefully be completed by the end of next week.

 Without further ado…

Plastering what she hoped was a laid back smile on her lips, Kara stepped into the lobby and greeted Jacob Andrews, their usual copy repairman. “Hey there.”
A warm smile brightened his face. “Afternoon, Kara.” He held out a small brown box. “I brought you something.”
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Happy New Year!
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