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Six Sentence Sunday: The Call of the Sea (querying) #sixsunday


For my first Six Sentence Sunday of the new year, I thought I would forget the whole “in with the new” thing and go with the tried and true — meaning this week’s six sentences also comes from my recently completed novel, The Call of the Sea.

Hope you enjoy! Make sure to hit the banner link at the top of the post and visit with the other participating authors this week. Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year!!

Ellie let loose a strangled cry. Her eyes caught on his pistol, still unfired in his [Nelson’s] quivering hand. A fireball of rage burst to life in her stomach. Blind to everything but the weapon a few inches away, Ellie lunged. Tears slid down her cheeks as she whipped the gun up, aimed at Jashir’s heart, and pulled the trigger.

Jashir’s eyes widened in surprise.

Good ole Ellie, always in some sort of trouble.   🙂

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