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#SteamySunday: Because Charity begins at home… #excerpt #erotic #FELTTIPS


Welcome to another addition of Steamy Sunday, where each week I will share something I find STEAMY — could be an excerpt, an image, a story, you name it. If I think it has hotness, it could be included.

This week, in honor of the Thanskgiving holiday, I thought I would reach into the archives and share a steamy little excerpt form my short story, Routine Maintenance — which is part of the FELT TIPS office supply themed erotica anthology released by Tiffany Reisz (and 8th Circle Press) with all proceeds on the anthology sales being donated to charity.

My story is one of 44 (give or take) included in the anthology.

Here is a little tidbit from Routine Maintenance:

* * * *

Jacob absorbed the remaining air between them, drawing her into his embrace. His mouth crushed hers in a bruising kiss.

Kara melted against his chest, whimpered into his mouth.

Jacob ripped his molten lips away, leaving her dizzy and clinging. She could feel his steady heartbeat bouncing against her ribcage where their bodies still touched.

The smile pulling at his succulent lips sent a shiver along her arms and the blood thrumming through her veins. “What do you think? Do I?” he asked, voice low and husky.

Kara blinked, mind numb. “Think? Me?” I think you shouldn’t have stopped.

Jacob let out a soft chuckle.

The delicious sound trickled down her spine like warm honey, heating her from the inside out.  She stared at his lips, urging them to reclaim hers.

As if he heard her silent plea, Jacob’s lips fused with hers, scattering all thought. His fingers twined in the hair at her nape, gripped it tight.

Tingles shot through her limbs at the commanding touch. Kara pressed her body to his, anxious to follow wherever he planned to take her.

Still holding her in place with a handful of hair, Jacob leaned away, searched her face. “You have to be willing to ask for what you want, Kara.” He traced her jaw with a fingertip. “Can you do that for me?”

Confusion clouded her thoughts and heat flushed her cheeks. Could she? What exactly do I want? Kara took a deep breath and let the words out in a rush. “I want you to kiss me again.”

He grinned. “Good girl. Now, ask for it properly.”

Her stomach knotted at the prospect. “Ask?”

“Yes, you know what I want to hear, don’t you pet?” As a reminder of his control over her body, his hand tightened in her hair.

Despite the rush of fear careening through her body, Kara felt a stab of desire at the quiet command lacing his voice. “Will you please kiss me again?”

“That’s all you want? Another kiss?” he asked, brow arched. The grip on her hair loosened. “How disappointing.”

If you are interested in picking up a copy of FELT TIPS, you know, in the interest of charity and all that, you can grab a copy at any of these fine retailers (in Print or eBook):




Barnes and Noble



#SteamySunday: Could it be a new feature? #erotic #tease #TheCrimsonRope @evernightpub

Sooo, I was thinking about blog posts the other day, trying to come up with some new features. Something a little different, fun, and “weekend” appropriate. I came up with Steamy Sunday.


The idea is each week I will share something I think is steamy. It could be a photo, a tease from a story I have out, a hot scene from a WIP, even something steamy I saw during the course of the day — in a book, or a movie…well, I think you get the idea.

To start it off, I figured I would go with something simple (start small, right?) so I am going to share a steamy snipit from my latest erotic story, LOCK, STOCK, and SPANK HER, which is available now as part of Evernight Publishing’s The Crimson Rope anthology. I’ll put the buy links at the end of the post for those of you interested in checking it out.

Warning: The excerpt below is erotic in nature. It is for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.

* * * *

He tapped the toe of his boot on the inside of her heel. “Wider, girl. Spread those feet apart.”

Her response was muffled by the coverlet her face was pressed into. Blood sang through her veins, carrying the heady rush of adrenaline along with it. The effect was intoxicating, and she drank it in like an alcoholic after a dry spell, but still she wanted more. She heard his zipper and felt his weight shift behind her. The comforting force of his hand on her neck never wavered, and she grew anxious for what was to come next, evidenced by the desire soaking her inner thighs.

“Tell me what you want, angel.”

Beth whimpered. “You, Sir. So much…”

“Not specific enough.” He leaned over her back, his nipples searing her shoulder blades through her thin blouse. His arousal pressed against her hypersensitive and reddened ass. The iron hold left her neck, his hands reaching beneath her to rip open her shirt and take hold of the sensitive peaks of her breasts. He gave the hardened nubs a twist and light pull. “Beg me, girl. Show me what a needy submissive you are.” He released her and stood upright, his hips drawing away. “Unless you aren’t interested.”

“Oh God, no!” she cried, reaching back to take hold of his hips to keep him from retreating. “Please, Sir. Don’t go. I need you so much.”

“And I you, angel.” Alexander drove his hard cock into her, plunging deep with one swift stroke, a low growl rumbling from his chest.

* * * *

If you think that’s hot, you should read the other stories in the anthology, not to mention the rest of this one.

Here are those buy links:

Evernight Publishing  |  Amazon  |  Amazon UK

All Romance eBooks  |  Bookstrand

Thanks for coming my to spend a little time with me. I’m always thrilled to see you.

Happy Steamy Sunday!

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