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OMG It’s really RELEASE DAY! Call of the Sea has been unleashed! #callofthesea #PNR

The months between when I got my acceptance letter from Inkspell Publishing to today have been the longest of my life, except maybe the 9 months of waiting to meet each of my three children, but FINALLY the day has arrived.

Call of the Sea is NOW AVAILABLE!! I am officially the published author of a novel! Like, for real!

Here are the links to all the places I know of where you can order or buy a copy:

Inkspell Publishing Website


Barnes and Noble

I am sure there are a few more, but I don’t have all the links yet for the others – like All Romance eBooks and KOBO, but as soon as I have them, I will pass them along. I promise.

In the meantime, I thought I would give you all a little bit of a teaser to get you excited about picking up your copy.


Ellie wandered down the path to the shore, her mind rolling over all she’d learned since her bittersweet homecoming. She twisted a long piece of grass between two fingers while her teeth worried her lower lip. Her toes dug into the thick sand at the base of the bluffs, bringing a smile to her lips. For a moment, she just bathed her senses in the familiar feels and smells of the secluded inlet. Her shoulders relaxed as she let the rhythmic sounds of the surf sweep her into a cocoon of comfort, like being wrapped up in a favorite blanket.

Her eyes drank in the dark beauty of the curling waves, scanned along the moonlit sand, and froze. She squinted into the night, trying to identify the dark shape walking up the beach. Her breath caught.

Daniel. Ellie’s eyes widened. Is he nude? She hunched down, afraid he’d see her. Heat flushed her cheeks. He had something wrapped around him, something dark. Why am I hiding? From her vantage point, she could make out very little of his physique. Pity.

Ellie straightened, chiding herself for behaving like some sort of peeping tom, ogling as if he were one of Jameson’s sweet treats. Curiosity picked at her brain, urged her feet forward once more. What has he been up to?

She quickened her pace, keeping herself shielded from view by the large rock formation separating them. Concentration centered on keeping her breathing calm and slow, she stealthed closer. Ellie tiptoed around the base until she saw Daniel crouched, and still naked, just a few feet ahead.

He stuffed something between the boulders.

She pressed back against the rock wall, stifling a gasp. What’s he hiding? Why here?

Peeking around the corner, Ellie watched Daniel stepped into his breeches. The curve of his left flank caught the moonlight, drawing her attention as he pulled the pants over his lean hips. Her gaze trailed up his smooth muscular chest.

He bent and grabbed his shirt. Turning so his back faced her, Daniel pulled it over his head, blocking her appreciative view of the contours of his strapping shoulders and molded back.

Ellie bit into the heel of her hand, and tried to disappear into the rock face. No man should be allowed to look that good in the buff. Especially one I don’t like.

Dressed again, Daniel ran fingers through his damp hair, looked around.

Ellie held her breath and waited for him to see her. He went swimming? Who swims in the middle of the night? She’d seen no signs of a ship in the bay–no voices bouncing across the water, and no lights floating in the distance. Besides, the bright moonlight would reveal any ship anchored off shore. She stole another look around the giant boulder.

Let me know what you think about the snipit. To celebrate release day, I will give away an eBook copy and a signed Call of the Sea bookmark to one lucky commenter. (Open to US and Canada residents only. Sorry.)

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