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Now Available at ACE in the Hole


ACE in the Hole:

Twenty year old, Marley Drake is smokin’ hot and she knows it. In search of her next Sugar Daddy, Marley hits a trendy downtown bar with her best friend, Amy. What she finds may just be the jackpot–if she can get past the fact that he’s at least three times her age and a bit creepy. She realizes Professor VonHessen is much more than he appears when he introduces her to his robotics masterpiece, ACE; an anatomically correct android built for sex.

ACE in the Hole is available from and will soon also be available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.

Six Sentence Sunday: ACE in the Hole #sixsunday

I’ve decided to take one of my erotic short stories and self publish it with Smashwords. I even dug out my old copy of Paint Shop Pro and downloaded some images to work with from I haven’t done graphics work in a while. I have to say, I really enjoyed it.

Anyway, here is my six sentences– from ACE in the Hole, my soon to be published erotic e-book.

The unlikely pair stepped out into the brisk night air. A sleek black limo pulled up to the curb, as if the driver knew when they would emerge.

 Marley lifted a brow. She didn’t know many geeks with stretch limos. A tingle ran along her flesh. Jackpot.

Six Sentence Sunday: Ace in the Hole (WT) #sixsunday

Just subbed this story out. Will have to see if she flies or falls. This is from an erotic story, so may not be suitable for young readers.

Always interested in your thoughts.

     Marley let her hand slide across the seat until her fingertips caressed the fabric of the professor’s pants. She walked her fingernails up his thigh and gave his wretched, limp cock a light squeeze. Marley moved her glass to his until they met with a soft clink. “To a night of passion.”

     The professor chuckled and winked at her. “Ambitious little gem, aren’t you?”

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